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  2. As celebration for the re-release of the server which came along new donator ranks, we've decided to have a discount on certain things. We're introducing custom donations which allows you to make a custom donation for a customized item of your choice (to the limits we're able to create) as long as it's cosmetic/you're willing to replace the item you have. Custom donations can be things such as; Recoloured Partyhats Recoloured Santa Hats Recoloured Miscellanous Rares Recoloured In-game items such as Regular Obsidian (not black/white, and requires you to trade in a set to replace it). These are just examples of things you could request. You may also purchase a rare which is not in-game, but is obtainable in-game. Alongside with this we want to announce that RSGP donations also will have a discount. Note: you're not able to donate for an item that currently exists in-game (unless it's recoloring a common existing item). Current prices: Custom Donation ($250) - Discount price: $200 Purchasing a obtainable but non-ingame Cosmetic Rare: $100 Discount price: $75 RSGP Donations (50m+ OSRS / 250m+ RS3 = doubled items). These prices will remain the way they are until the 25th of July. Contact one of the owners to proceed with a purchase.
  3. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Cyra What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:
  4. agree, does this mean it is not doable without elite obsidian? would be cool if it wasnt impossible without max gear lol
  5. How do I access the Raids?To get to the Raids simply type ::startraids, this raid is completely solo and it is recommended that you're wearing a full elite obsidian armour set to do it. so sad..
  6. Yeah I wish I took more screenshots back then haha. Much Appreciated.
  7. Ain't seeing my name of those screenshots feelsbad. Welcome back nonetheless
  8. Thanks a bunch, No way! that's awesome.
  9. Welcome back, loving the memories from 2016! Edit: Woo my pretty little Hare name got in there, i'm famous
  10. Soo happy to have Erad back, Bless every single one of you that had anything to do with that. I have spent a long time since the closing of EradicationX / ReignX trying to find a server that was even close to Erad, But of course no luck until now. I look forward to being a part of this growing community that I know with time and effort can and will become twice what the original ever was. Long Live Erad Much Love. Also found some old screens from Erad - <---- The end of the grind. <--- Yami the OG Trivia God. <---- Finally getting my first Erad rank.
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  12. Papi

    Request a Guide

    Hello fellas, as you probably read in this title of this topic, you may request any guide(s) you'd like to see in this forum. It's pretty straight forward, just comment with what guide(s) you think would be helpful for you or for any other players, you can also comment with what guides or informational posts you think requires an update and our wiki editors/staff will get working as soon as they get a window to do so. Of course you may still make one of your own, just know that if you comment on this post, the guides would be made by the official "guide-makers" and you'd get a guide that'd be clean and easy to follow without putting in any effort on your own. We'd only require a reply on this topic. Thank you for your serious replies and your time to improve our guide archive
  13. Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay /Topic moved to "The Red Carpet"
  14. thank you! i am already in love again with the server haha cx
  15. Welcome back, hopefully your time here will be even better than what it was last time!
  16. hey everyone i saw today that the server re-opened so i had to come back!! i used to play under the names Welp Meh and x Sora or Sora x glad to be back
  17. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Creamy What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: https://gyazo.com/3a7db2b98f9e7260e4f6d65823ad4691
  18. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Classic What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: https://gyazo.com/b3ca87c14a0f4dd4ae2e3e38412e2348 Completionist (or) Rank Format: Ingame name: Classic Full client screenshot of having all achievements completed: https://gyazo.com/e57ff115b80268ed6369972cb49f8058
  19. We've got plenty of things on Era's list to implement right now. It might be put on the shelf for now as we know what we want to have ingame in the next coming couple of major updates and it'll definitely keep the developers busy for quite some time. Although, thank you for the suggestion.
  20. This is a good idea - I think it has already been suggested.. might be in the works as we speak. Thank you for your suggestion (you can also put it up in #suggestions in discord)
  21. I thnk that the communtiy need a prestige combat option with a shop that you can use your point for evrytime you prestige you get points..
  22. For those who successfully entered the event, catch me ingame for your reward! Thank you for participating.
  23. New poll regarding the Hairymonkey Special Weapons, "Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration". Make the Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration require overloads to use; With this the special attacks would require an overload to use. However, to refrain it being too easily gotten, we'd be forcing the players to make their own overloads and increase the shop values by a lot. You'd be making your own overloads using the Herblore skill, and if you'd like to purchase them from a shop, the cost would be high. Or we would simply remove them, as well as all the overload potions in-game. Using Overload: Annihilation = 138 Decimation = 138 Obliteration = 118 Using Eradicator Potion: Annihilation = 145 Decimation = 145 Obliteration = 125 Keep it the way it is Annihilation = 138 Decimation = 138 Obliteration = 118 Requires eradicator potion to use. We ask you to be reasonable whe you vote. A poll passing does not mean it is going to be implemented or remain the way it is.
  24. Classic


    Buying: SP Scrolls - 450m each Mainhand Rcr's and Offhand Rcr's Virtus wand's and Virtus Book's Ascension mh and Ascension Oh's
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