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    Hello, We've decided that to improve our Server and or Staff Team we're wanting to receive as much critical feedback as possible. And to do that, our conclusion is to reward players that choose to help us improve. We're always open for some feedback, whether that'd be constructive or positive doesn't matter, we're simply looking for something that'll help us improve the Team, Server and/or ourselves. How do I leave feedback? Simply make a thread here using the format provided, and choose which member(s) or if you simply wanna leave feedback on the server, and type it in. To make it as efficient as possible, we're wanting you to leave a reason behind your thoughts, so that we're actually able to improve from it, otherwise it's pretty useless, right? Requirements to get Rewarded: Make a Server or Staff Feedback here. Leave a reason (explain what makes you think that way) behind your thoughts. Make sure to follow the rules and don't get personal. What do I get? Everyone who leaves a feedback with the aforementioned requirements will receive 10 Deathtouched Darts or 1k Spell Power. Which one of those you get is for you to choose. Note: this is permanent, but will be restricted from receiving a reward for doing it once a month. Not following these requirements will conclude with the player not being rewarded. Thanks in beforehand to those who are willing to help us improve, we appreciate it! EradicationX Staff Team.
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    In-Game Name: SoulPsycho How old are you? 21 Time Zone: EST What languages do you speak? English What position are you applying for? Server Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I have been a part of the growing community for some time now and I want to be able to help both new and old players to the best of my ability. Do you have any past staff experience? Yes, I have been a support/admin on previous rsps and other game servers for many months before. I definitely enjoy it. Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I know that as a support I have to be able to communicate well with people in the community and assist in questions, player issues, and reports that players may submit. I must also check and enforce the rules stated on our forums if someone is caught breaking those rules. If I can't assist in a situation then I will communicate with the superior staff members so that the issue can be dealt with as soon as possible.
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    +1 you're a dope guy not much else to say.. helpful, etc everything a staff should be
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    +1 great guy super friendly #evolution #plug
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    +1 Your so active and nice !
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    Don't know how many would agree because player owned shops are usually 50/50 on private servers but I just feel like they're a lot easier way to sell your un wanted items whilst offline or whilst you go bossing etc without having to actually do anything I mean you could implement a system where the shop takes 5% of any money that you make so that there is a down side to using it since it is a lazy way of selling so say you sell something for 100m the shop will take 5m and you will get 95m.
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    I +1 this but I feel like a better way of handling it would be either bidding, so it doesn't kill prices by allowing someone else to immediately price it lower, or set a limit on what can be put in there. Example: no obby, ranks(or at least the top ranks), elite weps, flammy, etc. since they're xxx$$. Maybe set like a 10b limit? or like 8 or something to get the lower items flowing like regular rcr, asc, etc.
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    Neutral +/- Would have to agree with papi and axis, as the idea of a player owned shop could increase supply, it will crash demand a lot causing the economy to sink.
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    Staff Team Feedback format: Owner Era - Does an amazing job of enforcing his power in the right direction. Community Manager Sadie - Amazing Manager, assures the community is going in the right direction. Developer - Habitat - So far i haven't seen anything that is new, but i'm sure when he does put out content it is good. Forum Administrator Papi - The bae, always making sure topics are being replied to and support on the forums is being enforced. Server Administrator Fin - Active, always making sure the server and staff team is doing their jobs. Head Moderator - Forum Moderator - Server Moderator Xilent - Active, very helpful and knowledgeable of the server, i can definitely see him being a high member of staff one day. Server Support Axiz - Same thing axiz, i've known him for a while from the old erad he was always active, great staff member.
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    Zero support Way to childish Highly unprofessional fights with people in clan chat almost daily Has been caught lying on multiple occasions Still haven't learned about the server (asks where stuff is and how to kill it) The staff team is at its best right now, adding this player to your team would be a discredit to your whole staff team and the work they have been putting in to look and act professional.