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  1. checkout ::topic 287
  2. @Axiz Great gear guide! I think you messed up malevolent helm stats. They are not the same as legs. I know helm only has +10 str
  3. 1.Introducing Prestiging into the game. Many people just get 10b exp for the perks the cape gives. This is still a PvMing server, but there will always be players looking for that little bit extra (like myself). I wouldn't mind Prestige as an update. You make sure the rewards are worthwhile so you can wear the upgraded 10b cape with pride. I think presaging is only for the more 'hardcore' player so I would even suggest that you can't use any exp lamps after you prestige. 2. The slayer helmet needs a fix. The full slayer helmet is not working at the moment: FULL SUPPORT +1 3. More items in the Boss slayer shop. FULL SUPPORT +1 4. Clue scrolls. I don't think this is what we need right now (maybe for something in the future...) 5. Player owned houses. I think there are other ways for money sink that are less code intensive 6. Player owned shops. This will only lead into cheaper and cheaper prices in my opinion. No support 7. Wilderness Revamp. The Wildy needs a revamp, but first we must fix all bugs and nulls from Wilderness. 8. Regular slayer & shop. SUPPORT +1 9. Raids. I know that they are already working on this and that there is a amazing post about this on the forums, but having a raids would make us a very unique servers and have many positive ingame benefits for the players and the hard grinders. Items for this raids could be new best in slot weapons/gear, SP rewards, invasions, supply boxes, pvm boxes, enchanted keys etc.. Good post to see: 11. Loyalty store revamp. ADD BERSERKER, RECKLESS and MANIACAL aura's Some Post I find having really good ideas that I just wanted to let you be more aware of: 1. Bank place holders. Having these would be great to keep your bank much more organised and help you get items much quicker. SUPPORT or something to keep our bank more organized as we can't insert 3. Revival of bosses. SUPPORT +1
  4. Yes we have to fix the current bugs and nulls correlating with the Wilderness. But a few extra Wildy bosses could benefit the server
  5. Hi all, I've put some tought into this idea so if you would take the time to read this it would be appreciated The time it takes to get hobby gear in this game is pretty insignificant. Many players rush to obby Jad to get their first obby shards and pieces. This is totally understandable because why wouldn't you go for best in slot gear as soon as possible. Now I've come up with an idea to prevent this. First we should perhaps make requirements to access these bosses. For instance you need at least 300 ROTS kills before you can access the obby bosses. These requirements can also scale down e.g. you need 150 Eradicator kills before you can access ROTS. Many players will see this as a punishment but in the long run it will be much more rewarding to have those obby shards. These requirements should also be implemented to the armor itself otherwise you can just buy obby and wear it. Many end game players find it difficult to do rewarding content in the end phase of the game. Many start grinding bandos for spell power, but there is nothing rewarding about it. Afking for days at bandos is in my opinion not the best/rewarding way of obtaining best in slot gear. I would remove spell power from all bosses and add spell power as a basic reward to Raids. These Raids would be a collection of bosses already existing in the game but with e.g. more life points and accuracy like ROTS. These raids will all have requirements to enter. No Banking in Raids, but after you clear each room you get a number of supplies to carry you to the next room. Novice Raid: - Req: 10b exp - 1k of each GWD boss - 500 ROTS - 200 obby jad - 200 obby king - Party size: 2-3 players (you can always try to solo) - 5 rooms: - 1st Room: Fight all gwd bosses at once - 2nd Room: Fight the Trio bosses one by one (not all at once) - 3rd Room: Fight Dragith Nurn - 4th Room: Fight obby jad and obby king at once - 5th Room: New boss or HM trio? - Potiential Rewards (everyone gets (different) rewards not like HM trio): - 100% 1 spell power scroll - various good rewards as spin tix (if sof gets a rework), 100m tix, more spell power scrolls,... - RARE rewards to be determined: but I would suggest obby shard, malevolent energies, tectonic, sirenic,... - ULTRA rewards: Pet with perks? Raid armor (that would make the raid easier and is best in slot inside of the raid)? INTERMEDIATE RAID: - Requirement: 500 Novice Raids + ... END GAME RAID: - Requirement: 500 Intermediate raids + ... If you guys love this idea I would build further on it + implement the feedback. If it is not possible to code (which I doubt) I'll delete this post.
  6. Yes I agree to some point but I would keep a small amount of those bosses, you will need good gear anyways to being able to do raids I edited my original post
  7. I know that it kinda seems like a stretch it is just a requirement I had in mind it can be lowered drastically to e.g. 200 obby kings and jads (but then the grind would be less long). We just have to balance things out it seems I get your point about sp we can just leave it and give the choice to the players themselves which path they wish to choose. The obby jad situation really is a tricky one it ruins the game but I can't figure out myself what the best solution is. But indeed remove the bossroom and only being able to kill obby jad in an instance is something we can maybe build on. Thx for the feedback