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  1. Selling 14 votes for 600m or 50m each Selling steads 500m [SOLD] Selling Full pernix 2b for set or 700m each piece. PM on forums, in-game or discord.
  2. INGAME NAME: Mister TOTAL LEVEL: 2479 BOSS KILLCOUNT: 160 (Currently just started so this will be high soon) TIME PLAYED: 21hrs 48mins REASON FOR JOINING: Be nice to be part of a clan and join in on some events.
  3. Yeah that's why I propose using it takes money off your profit so that it discourages people from selling junk on it because it would be pointless selling junk because of the cost to use it.
  4. Don't know how many would agree because player owned shops are usually 50/50 on private servers but I just feel like they're a lot easier way to sell your un wanted items whilst offline or whilst you go bossing etc without having to actually do anything I mean you could implement a system where the shop takes 5% of any money that you make so that there is a down side to using it since it is a lazy way of selling so say you sell something for 100m the shop will take 5m and you will get 95m.
  5. Support, doing dungeoneering at the moment and I feel like I wanna blow my brains out, this sounds like a nicer method, plus it could act like a way of practise on bosses for new players whilst training dungeoneering.