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  1. Title more challenging end game content     not sure what to suggest for content since we just had rots added idk if u feel another boss. but yea we need something to do after elite obby. so this content could have reqs to help not make it less op maybe elite obby set be a req (or maybe just 150k career sp)? just tired of everything on here being piss easy once you get the gear idk. side note: maybe all boss / npc combat stats be buffed? - rick
  2. INGAME NAME: Pickle rick TOTAL LEVEL: max TIME PLAYED: 6d 7hr WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: idk free pie
  3. i think the only thing this server needs is a few wildy bosses to attract that crowd of people could easily help keep old players around i feel. espeially since it is so easy to get gear to pk with. but these bosses have to have good drops to make it a place ppl want to go. maybe have to be in custom area unless there is good spot in wild cuz i black screen sometimes there. also add a pk point store.
  4. not fan of number 4 or 6. reason being for number 4 is would result in alot of people dcing or nulling if its on regular runescape map, and as for 6 i think its bad idea because can result in price crashes. but they rest of it i like the ideas my favorite being number 1 i think every server should have prestige system of some kind. it could maybe just be a pretiuge point shop if the ammy idea falls thru.