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  1. Donator Request Format: Ingame name: Creamy What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Eradicator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped: https://gyazo.com/3a7db2b98f9e7260e4f6d65823ad4691
  2. This is a good idea - I think it has already been suggested.. might be in the works as we speak. Thank you for your suggestion (you can also put it up in #suggestions in discord)
  3. GIF: https://gyazo.com/7d63931fadb7f4a1b23a004205a0ef7e ScreenShot:
  4. Staff Team Feedback format: Owner Era - From the last time I saw him, really dope person - very chill and is engaging when questions are asked. Running this server well. However could be more active in game and make it just that more enjoyable. Co-Owner Sadie - Very well deserved to be Co-Owner. Very helpful, active and makes the game very enjoyable as you implement fun events to keep players on and not get bored, which sometimes may happen due to the repetitive nature of the game. I don't think you need to do any more than you already do. Head Executive Papi/Logic - Again, well deserved - very, very active - always online when I am. You are very helpful and again make the game very enjoyable as you take part in the community, answer int he FC and PMs when you do get them.. Thank you for the fun experiences. Being Head Executive means you are overlooking all activity in-game/forums and Discord - which you do a hell of a great job at doing. (Still upset about our duels xd) Developer Habitat - Never seen online tbh, but I'm sure behind the scenes is being very helpful hard at work. Forum Executive Papi/Logic - Already done^ As I stated before you keep a close look at activity on what happens in the forums, you are also giving the opportunity to others by finding 'Wiki Editors' to help with your job as forum executive too. You have really done a good job with the forums too I think - looks appealing and very easy to work with. Server Executive N/A Head Moderator Xilent - On one hand, you are helpful. Active (I think) and overall always ready to make the game fun and joins in with events to make players have a challenge and makes it more exciting. On the other hand, you can sometimes be afk when needed - which natural, we can't all be online 24/7 and in addition to this you can be restricted due to your Ironman rank. Server Moderator Ken - N/A -- But before his resignation, honestly one of th best staffs imo has been with us for a very long time and help any and everyone who needed it, also made the gaming experience much more fun.. Thank you for being part of this family. Server Support SoulPsycho - Should defiantly rank up to Server Mod (as Ken has stepped down) has helped players get off the ground and makes sure they all get where they need. I really enjoy playing with Soul. You are active, I know in your time zone as i See you log in every time I am about to log out. Therefore, I belive you should be ranked up - and given the reins more, I am sure you will go far with it. Unique Top - Being a newer staff member, you sure make it seem like being staff is a privileged and you don't boast about it (same goes with HADES and DAIN). Glad you are staff member and you are clearly helpful to the community. Active player we can tell this by your 13.3k Something KC.. #nolife It is enjoyable to play with you, although you seem to be AFK you reply when called upon and help when needed. Good work! Helper Hades - Dope person to play with, love the competitiveness you have. I enjoy how you have a close relationship to the community. Glad to have you as a Helper of EradX. However, sometimes I don't see you online (perhaps time zone difference) and when you are you can be AFK for long periods of time, which can give false hope to players who need help from a staff member. Dain - #bignoob Great guy to play with and as per usual for every staff member is very helpful - always first to answer questions in FC, etc. Enjoy playing with you and ofc you are active. I like how you are consistent with how you much and when you play, when you do come online, you are not AFK and grinding and helping players when needed. Should rank up so Support - replacing SoulPsycho when he ranks up too.
  5. Creamy


    That is a big oof for us. You were a great staff member Hope you are happy with your choice.
  6. Good guide, should be helpful for new players to quickly rank up!
  7. Thats actually depressing lol, but 17.5b cash is decent lol
  8. I don't mid either, but option A sounds more exciting.
  9. Dope work my man! For Dumb Shit Scienceeeeeeeee
  10. Big +1 Very active and helpful.. and just makes the game much more enjoyable even via FC Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the honesty. I think it was more to do with time zone for us, but now Exams have entered the equation
  12. In-Game Name: Creamy How old are you? 18 Time Zone: GMT What languages do you speak? English What position are you applying for? Server Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I would love to be part of the staff team as I have a good general knowledge of the game and I have been playing Erad from V1.(old name was Divinev2) I want to help the community (as I already do) with any inquires but sometimes I just don't have that power/ability to actually help them - like sending them home/kicking them when needed as sometimes there are no staff online. So when people PM me I just give advice/ help with PVM etc.. In addition to this, I used to be online almost 24/7, but due to upcoming Exams I less active unfortunately. I am hoping I still have a shot at this role.. if not, maybe a Discord/Forum Staff role might be open I can also apply for as that is also accessible via my phone. This is the first RSPS I really got into (in V1), I joined again and met many old friends I would also just generally really enjoy being staff of this awesome server, as I've said before it is a dream Do you have any past staff experience? As I also said in my old application, Yes I have been an Advisor, a Support and a Mod. I have also been a Co-Owner of a Small RSPS... it closed down a while back due to the Owner disappearing.. Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I believe that a SERVER SUPPORTER should be an active player (hypocrite much rn) and is always there to help - even when they are offline - they can reply to inquiries on DIscord/forums (hence if I don't get the Server Support I can do more on Discord/forums, as it is more accessible ATM). This role should not be boring rule applying and shit.. this role is about making the game enjoyable to play, which is my goal - make the experience enjoyable and and fun, also no-one likes a party pooper. On the contrary, if rules are broken - of course punishments will be enforced on that player(s), and if the 'crime' exceeds my ability to control - I will inform higher level staff to take control of the situation. But yeah that's me, Vote and Comment you honest opinions.. Thanks - cya round plebs x
  13. Gotcha - you are welcome to our awesome/non-toxic clan!
  14. Creamy

    Future bosses

    Great concepts - but as others have said, it is unsure all these awesome bosses can be added into this server..
  15. Welcome back! Nice to see you again!