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  1. Neutral +/- You're a active member of the community and seem to have some sense of the server, however you don't put that to use much, personally never seen you helping out. Nevertheless, good luck on the rest of your application!
  2. Hello Eradicators! This thread will be displaying a simple gear guide, hopefully this can help you all out a bit with how eradication works when coming to gears. Shoutout to Xilent for helping out with clarifications. Low-Tier Melee | Best Option: Dragon Bronze Rune Dragon Mid-Tier Melee | Best Option: Vanguard for STR, Torva for DEF Dharoks Bandos Vesta Vanguard, Torva High-Tier Melee | Best Option: Elite Obsidian Melee Malevolent Elite Obsidian Melee COMING SOON?? ============================================================================================================= Low-Tier Range | Best Option: Black D-HIDE Leather Studded Leather Black D-HIDE Mid-Tier Range | Best Option: Trickster Karil Morrigans Armadyl Trickster High-Tier Range | Best Option: Elite Obsidian Range Death Lotus Elite Obsidian Range COMING SOON?? ============================================================================================================= Low-Tier Magic | Best Option: Infinity Wizard Mystic Infinity Mid-Tier Magic | Best Option: Battle-Mage Ahirms Zuriels Subjucation Battle-Mage High-Tier Magic |Best Option: Elite Obsidian Mage Seasinger Elite Obsidian Mage COMING SOON?? ============================================================================================================= WEAPONS SOON
  3. Nice bank l0l, thanks for sharing!
  4. +1 Great application, has experience, fits the needed timezone Goodluck, on the rest of your application!
  5. fair enough, thanks for the feedback!
  6. evolution is already boomin, goodluck fellas!
  7. Neutral +/- Very active, has some knowledge about the server, very immature at times.
  8. +1 Amazing guy, very knowledgeable of the server helps a ton and is on all the time.
  9. Neutral +/- You're on a ton however and very knowledgeable of the server, however you can be very immature at times and i don't see that going well if you're a staff member, however i wish you goodluck on the rest of your application!
  10. In-Game Name: Vicious How old are you? 14 Time Zone: Central What languages do you speak? English What position are you applying for? Support Why do you want to be part of the staff team? Well i can simply answer this question in the simplest words, i adore this server dearly, and would love to have responsibility to help it continue to strive for later days. Do you have any past staff experience? DreamScape - Moderator (2015-2016) Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Activity, i see activity as one of the primary requirements for applying for staff, i'm on at least 5h on the weekdays and all day on the weekends, there are times where gaps need to be filled for staff members to be online, and i see myself having the ability to do that. Experience, i see this as a not such a big deal when it comes to staffing however it could be a major help, i have experience when it comes to staffing and rsps in general, i was a staff member on DreamScape for around a year an a half until i realized how badly they treat us. Diversity, i see diversity a.k.a multi-tasking as another great trait to have when becoming a staff member, i am able to do this whether its constantly being online and moderating discord/forums at the same time, i enjoy doing all of the above and have no issue with doing it.
  11. Neutral +/- Would have to agree with papi and axis, as the idea of a player owned shop could increase supply, it will crash demand a lot causing the economy to sink.
  12. Staff Team Feedback format: Owner Era - Does an amazing job of enforcing his power in the right direction. Community Manager Sadie - Amazing Manager, assures the community is going in the right direction. Developer - Habitat - So far i haven't seen anything that is new, but i'm sure when he does put out content it is good. Forum Administrator Papi - The bae, always making sure topics are being replied to and support on the forums is being enforced. Server Administrator Fin - Active, always making sure the server and staff team is doing their jobs. Head Moderator - Forum Moderator - Server Moderator Xilent - Active, very helpful and knowledgeable of the server, i can definitely see him being a high member of staff one day. Server Support Axiz - Same thing axiz, i've known him for a while from the old erad he was always active, great staff member.
  13. Hello, Eradicators! So today's stream went very well, we made 20 subscribers, and hit 50 players on the server, congratulations to marco on hitting the jackpot of winning eradicator rank!, more giveaways to come be sure to subscribe! Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClGoSW0gqGix2cK6oBwz2-w
  14. Hello Eradicators! So today i hosted my first stream, in which we hit 20 viewers! which i am super hyped about, we hosted a 10x MBOX giveaway equivalent to 30b, congrats to "Ziad123" the winner of it, and thank everyone who tuned in be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications so you can be the first t join the stream, we will be doing frequent giveaways for viewers. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClGoSW0gqGix2cK6oBwz2-w/featured