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  1. As celebration for the re-release of the server which came along new donator ranks, we've decided to have a discount on certain things. We're introducing custom donations which allows you to make a custom donation for a customized item of your choice (to the limits we're able to create) as long as it's cosmetic/you're willing to replace the item you have. Custom donations can be things such as; Recoloured Partyhats Recoloured Santa Hats Recoloured Miscellanous Rares Recoloured In-game items such as Regular Obsidian (not black/white, and requires you to trade in a set to replace it). These are just examples of things you could request. You may also purchase a rare which is not in-game, but is obtainable in-game. Alongside with this we want to announce that RSGP donations also will have a discount. Note: you're not able to donate for an item that currently exists in-game (unless it's recoloring a common existing item). Current prices: Custom Donation ($250) - Discount price: $200 Purchasing a obtainable but non-ingame Cosmetic Rare: $100 Discount price: $75 RSGP Donations (50m+ OSRS / 250m+ RS3 = doubled items). These prices will remain the way they are until the 25th of July. Contact one of the owners to proceed with a purchase.
  2. Welcome back, loving the memories from 2016! Edit: Woo my pretty little Hare name got in there, i'm famous
  3. Welcome back, hopefully your time here will be even better than what it was last time!
  4. New poll regarding the Hairymonkey Special Weapons, "Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration". Make the Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration require overloads to use; With this the special attacks would require an overload to use. However, to refrain it being too easily gotten, we'd be forcing the players to make their own overloads and increase the shop values by a lot. You'd be making your own overloads using the Herblore skill, and if you'd like to purchase them from a shop, the cost would be high. Or we would simply remove them, as well as all the overload potions in-game. Using Overload: Annihilation = 138 Decimation = 138 Obliteration = 118 Using Eradicator Potion: Annihilation = 145 Decimation = 145 Obliteration = 125 Keep it the way it is Annihilation = 138 Decimation = 138 Obliteration = 118 Requires eradicator potion to use. We ask you to be reasonable whe you vote. A poll passing does not mean it is going to be implemented or remain the way it is.
  5. Regular Donator Giveaway; Like the video Subscribe Comment your IGN How to be an Ironist, Episode 1;
  6. Anyone entering using a third-party software will receive a 24 hour jail. No warnings and/or expectations, if you've entered using a bot then i'd suggest editing/removing your comment. Punishments will be given out the day the event ends. An example of how to participate properly; https://gyazo.com/6dd1073463e566a0d09ee5523f3c4e97
  7. This event will be on the forum and on-going until Saturday, June 7th. What's the event? The event is simple. I want to see who our top 3 fastest typers are, whether or not they are good at answering trivias, if they care or if they simply don't know the answer - that doesn't always determine a person's speed. We are now going to be seeing who are our fastest typers. How do I participate? Simply go to this website; 10fastfingers.com and start typing in the words in the box. You have unlimited tries, and once the timer runs out you will download/use a screenshot program (Gyazo / Lightshot) are the ones I recommend, and make a full screenshot which includes a tab with the EradicationX's forums. You can do this in whatever language you'd prefer. Example of valid screenshot; What are the prizes? Since we want this to be fair to everyone, we're going to give prizes dependent on how fast you are! Almost everyone will get rewarded! 1-30 WPM = 2.5B 30-50 WPM = 5B 50-70 WPM = 7.5B 70-80 WPM = 10B 80-90 WPM = 12.5B 90-100 WPM = 15B 100-110 WPM = 20B 110-120 WPM = 22.5B 120-130 WPM = 25B 130-140 WPM = 30B 140+ WPM = 40B This event will end Saturday, June 7th! Note: You may only participate once. Good luck to all participants!
  8. Hi, As the decreased playerbase is nothing to hide, we've decided that we're going to do a relaunch of the server, rather than just releasing the highly awaited update. The relaunch will conclude a much bigger update other than Raids, and will be expected to be released in 6 weeks. Until then, no advertisement will be bought and no updates will be released until we do that relaunch. That means that the server remain the current playerbase, and possibly keep dropping until the update is out. Why has it taken so long? We're deeply sorry for the amount of time we've spent on this update, and sadly, it's all due to technical difficulties. We're creating our own custom raid, which takes a long time to make, and we need to make sure everything is working flawlessly, not to mention that we need to create ideas (which takes time) before it's even put into development. And well, we've only got one developer, which slows down the work by a lot. What will happen on the Relaunch? We will be releasing a very content packed update - Raids, Wilderness, Early & Mid-game content + more... We'll also be hiring YouTubers as well as purchasing a lot of premium ads which is going to get us a lot of players and bring the activity of the server back. The server will get back on its feet when we're finally done! Reworking how the new players start out. Making mid-game easier (by nerfing bosses with way too much HP and defence.) More entertainment for newer, mid and end-game players. Wilderness content will be brought up (wilderness chest, wilderness bosses, etc...) Raids + More small additions. New Developer: We've understood that having one developer isn't good enough, therefore we've hired a developer which is an EradicationX veteran under the name "Oly" to help develop for us. Oly is an experienced RSPS Developer and will be doing work that's assigned and given to him at any time. This will boost up the speed of the updates by a lot. Note: Habitat is still a developer, but he's a reserve for Era as he's doing his services for free. We're deeply sorry for the time we've spent on this update, and can assure you this is not the end. EradicationX will shine once again when we're done! The server will remain online! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  9. Sadie ツ


    Sup people? This poll is going to be regarding the ironman mode. It is a shared opinion with others that the ironman mode is easy and considerately easier than the regular game mode (if they wouldn't trade) cause of the boosted drop rate and access to eradzone. Some people feel like the mode is ridiculously easy, and have no downsides other than being in the economy. This does not mean that the mode should be removed, but we're wanting to add some actual difficulty to it, so that the ironmen are different and play an actual "harder" game mode that they actually chose. So the question is; Should ironmen drop items on death? To increase the difficulty of the mode, to actually make it hard, we're wanting to make the ironmen drop items on their death. Meaning, upon every death they come upon, they'll drop the items they are currently holding - whether they'd wear it or have it in their inventory. E.g: Papi wears an obsidian set, with 20 rocktails in inventory, then dies to a rat. This would cause Papi to drop their obsidian set and 20 rocktails. Follow up on the question would be - should the drops be permanently deleted upon death, or have a timer giving you the chance to claim it? Please use some sense when voting, and take no offense from what has been mentioned. Thanks, EradicationX Administration Team.
  10. We'll decrease the amount of certain tasks.
  11. SATURDAY, JULY 13TH - 2019 Raids: We're finally done with our own, fully customized raids! This raid is nothing a like any other raid, and is completely custom. This raid takes place in the underground dungeons below the Barbarian Village. The developers and the staff team have all worked really hard to make it as fun, enjoyable and unique as possible, we sincerely hope you'll like it! How do I access the Raids? To get to the Raids simply type ::startraids, this raid is completely solo and it is recommended that you're wearing a full elite obsidian armour set to do it. Information In this raid you're unable to bank and you'll only have three lives. Once you die the third time, you'll be sent home and lose the raid. New Armour: Gregorvic - Melee Set Vindicta - Magic set Furies - Ranged Set These new armours will all be the next Best In Slot armoury - meaning better than both the Elite and regular obsidian. Raids loot table: Regular Donator: We've removed the Extreme Donator rank and have combined the perks of Regular and Extreme, as the regular rank was pretty underpowered and useless. Benefits: XP bonus of 1.7x Commands: ;;yell ;;bank ;;dz ;;regboss ;;extremeboss Regular Donator will be displayed with this icon ("") and cost $25. Note: All those who had extreme donators had their rank replaced with the regular. And all those who had the regular donators will receive $13 store credit. Dicer Rank: Instead of having dicer as an actual rank, we've decided to remove it and instead add it as a benefit for a higher tier donator status. Dicer access have been given to Legendary Donators +. Legendary Donator: This is the first new rank, which is above the Eradicator Rank. Benefits of Legendary Donator: Dice Permit. XP bonus of 5x. Dummy timer reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours. Commands: ;;ldragons - teleports you to dragons that drop 25m coins each. (AVAILABLE IN NEXT UPDATE) ;;dicebag - spawns a dicebag. ;;ancients - changes spell book to ancient spells. ;;moderns - changes spell book to modern spells. ;;lunars - changes spell book to lunar spells. Legendary Donator costs $200 and will be displayed with the old Dicer Icon (""). Supreme Donator: The other new rank is Supreme Donator, which is above Legendary Donator. Benefits of Supreme Donator: Bonus XP of 6x. Stackable drop rate of 1.3x (stacks with any item you have). Private Nurn Spawns at Supremezone every 6 hours. (AVAILABLE IN NEXT UPDATE) Private Bal'lak spawns at Supremezone every 30 minutes. (AVAILABLE IN NEXT UPDATE) Commands: ;;supremezone ;;supremeboss ;;supremedragons All available in next update. Supreme Donator costs $400 and is displayed as (""). SUPREME DONATOR BOSS: Hero: Hero is going to remain the same, just that we're increasing the benefits of the rank. Benefits: Legendary Donator Benefits. Doubled Spell Power. Doubled Vote Tickets. Doubled Slayer Points. (Elite, boss and regular) Unlimited Jenny Pet perks. Dummy Timer reduced to 3 hours. Commands: ;;herozone (not yet available) ;;heroboss (not yet available) Hero is a reward for reaching a total of $1000 donated or other heroic activities, and is displayed as (""). HERO DONATOR BOSS: Hardmode Trio: Based on the result on the recently made poll, we've now made Hardmode Trio Solo. Hardmode Trio's Health has been nerfed from 45k to 25k. Hardmode Copyright's barrage attack will no longer freeze you. Hardmode Something's prayer attack will no longer take away your prayers. To solo this, it is recommended to use Rocktail soups (which heals 750 with an affect to heal to 990) and Death Pet. Staff Rank Changes: Removed Helper. Nerfed Server Support from seeing player sensitive information. Added Trial Moderator - same commands as moderator without ban. Removed Head Moderator. Made Administrators unable to spawn, use god, or other commands that could hurt the economy. Administrators are now able to have their rank as an economy account. Miscelleanous Updates: Spin Tickets, Double Spin Tickets and Eradicator Potions are now stackable in your inventory. Changed the Server Time to CEST so that majority of the playerbase gets to take advantage of the bonuses. Added Blazing Flamberge to the Mystery Box. Added Ring of Wealth to the Mystery Box. Added Regular Donator Rank to the Mystery Box. Added a Wilderness King command (;;wildyking). Increased the Spell Power reward from Voting from +2 to +100 per vote. Increased Rocktail Soup health gain from 300 to 750. Changed Bal'lak Camelot spawn to Lighthouse to prevent players on software/safe to null. Antibot now kicks you rather than sending you home. Changed hm trio health to 25k. Added a fight kiln command (;;fightkiln). Made it a requirement to get the completionist cape to complete the fight kiln minigame. Changed the price of Tokhaar-kal to 25k erad seals. Added a few e-rares. Patch Notes: Removed all White Obsidian pieces in-game. Removed Dicer Rank from the game. Removed a Trivia Question which was misleading. Made jenny pet timers stop counting when logged out. Made title "Trusted Gambler" exclusively for people who earned it. Fixed the bug where the Santa Pet would stand on 4 squares rather than one. Fixed the bug where Dragith Nurn wouldn't spawn when supposed to. Made it so that you need to donate a minimum of 100 Paramaya Tickets to well. Fixed the bug where the time online reset to 0 days when hitting the 24 days mark. Fixed the bug where people with more than 15 days time online still had guaranteed drops after a certain amount of kills. Changed Eradicator Donator Rank price from $150 to $100. Changed Regular Donator Rank price from $13 to $25. Changed the amount needed to create an Eradicator Rank from 3 Supers to 2 Supers. Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  12. Hi, to increase the amount of players that stay after creating their account on EradicationX, we'd like to know more about what/how you felt about starting out. Since we want all new players to stay, we'd like to make it as enjoyable as possible to start out playing the game. So, how did you feel about starting your account progress on EradicationX? Did you enjoy starting out, whether you did or didn't - why? Was it difficult to understand where to locate the equipment you needed? Did you receive the help you needed? When you were new, what changes would you like to be made for you to stay? Anything else you'd like to say? It'd be a great help if as many people as possible could answer these questions, as it'd benefit the whole server. We've been thinking about this for months and haven't came up with any new ideas, so any information/ideas you can provide would be a huge help. Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  13. Sadie ツ

    Hardmode Trio

    Hello, This poll will be about Hardmode Trio. Hardmode trio is a team based boss, where you're supposed to have a minimum of 2 players to earn a kill. This boss contains a more difficult version of the three trio NPC's and drops the current end-game weapons - Elite Weaponry. However, it has came to our attention that it's difficult to form a team due to the playerbase, especially for those who play in different timezones than the server's most active part, E.g Australians. Even on the active side of the community, forming a team for Hardmode can be hard to do, and it's very discouraging to look when no one is wanting to join. So this poll is simple, do we make Hardmode trio soloable or keep it as a team boss? The Options: Make Hardmode Trio Soloable! Yes, it is already soloable, but it's not efficient in any way. You could expect a maximum of 5 kills an hour doing this for the moment. The reason we'd make it soloable, is so that people who play on the deadzones and people who play on other times, will be able to form a team so that they also can reach the end-game content. Although people currently form teams every now and then, it's not often, and people spend hours and maybe days to form a team just to reach the end-game weapons. This can get very discouraging when constantly looking for a team, but no one to do it with. In certain cases you might not even find a team because you don't like someone or that someone doesn't like you. It's a pretty tough spot, but that's how it works. Making it soloable would end up with people not having to wait for hours, days and possibly even weeks just to even have a chance to get the Elite Weaponry. If we were to make it soloable, we would simply remove the ice-barrage from Copyright, meaning you won't get frozen - making you able to avoid Fatal's special attack; thus making the boss much much easier. We will also be adjusting the drop rate so it's not easily obtained! Note: Hardmode Trio was released on EradicationX back when the server had a stable playerbase of 60+. That's why it's currently a team boss. Our current playerbase is way lower than that and thus it doesn't make too much sense to lock content behind team bosses - which requires a stable playerbase to have. It will still be an option to do the boss as a team, we'll just make it easier to solo it. Keep Hardmode Trio as a Team Boss! Basically keeping it the way it is right now. Require a party of minimum 2, if soloing you'll get a maximum of 5 kills an hour. The loot is shared between the participant, one of them gets a shot at the rare drop. We ask you to please be reasonable when choosing which option you'd prefer, if we were to make the boss soloable, we'd revert this change back to a team boss once the playercount is high and stable enough. Thank you, EradicationX Administration Team.
  14. Hello, Due to incidents regarding the YouTuber rank, where people would abuse the rank to their own benefits, we're now increasing the requirements to obtain the rank. Sadly our YouTuber's have been abusing their rank to benefit their alternative accounts, like using their YouTube account to kill bosses whilst picking up loot on alternative accounts - and that's of course not tolerated. Due to this reason we're making these changes: YouTuber: Must be well known within the community. Must have a minimum of 100 subscribers. Videos must be of quality (meaning not talking to the viewers using in-game chatbox). Must not create the same repetitive boring videos (such as loot from 100 bandos). The video's length should be a minimum of 2 minutes. If streaming, the length should be a minimum of 25 minutes. Benefits of the YouTuber rank: - $5 per video/stream with a cap of $20 a week. - Receives spawned items for video purposes. More information about the rank can be found here. If interested in the rank, please contact the Head Executive, Co-Owner or Owner.
  15. Greetings community, This announcement & poll is going to be regarding different forms of Gambling on EradicationX. If you didn't know already, the administration team have temporary disabled dicing and any other form of gambling (except duelling and risk fighting) due to it driving away most of our players away. Now the question we're asking is... what form of gambling is most wanted by the community, and what can we do to most of the players happy? This poll is quite simple, vote for whichever you'd like and maybe even leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did. The options: Cost of the Dicer Rank: We could lower the cost of the dicing rank and adding more options for the dice hosts (hosting flower games & dicing games). The rank would go from $100 to $25 and would not be tradeable in any way. Removal of Dicer Rank: We could completely remove the dicing rank and let the players gamble as they wish. Meaning, mithril seeds and dice bags would be obtained through in-game currency. (An npc would sell dicing bag and mithril seeds for GP). Note: with this option comes a lot of more scams. We do NOTHING: We could also just let it be the way it currently is. The dicing rank being priced $100, the hosts being able to host dicing games to regular players, whilst being able to both dice and do flower games with other hosts. And the rank is untradeable for 3 months after its purchase/transfer. This means the amount of ranks will be short, there will not be too many hosts. ------- There is currently no ETA as to when we're bringing gambling back to the server ------- Please note that if any changes are done with the dicing rank's price or if we remove it, the hosts will get refunded in store credits. Thanks, EradicationX Administration Team.