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    Sup people? This poll is going to be regarding the ironman mode. It is a shared opinion with others that the ironman mode is easy and considerately easier than the regular game mode (if they wouldn't trade) cause of the boosted drop rate and access to eradzone. Some people feel like the mode is ridiculously easy, and have no downsides other than being in the economy. This does not mean that the mode should be removed, but we're wanting to add some actual difficulty to it, so that the ironmen are different and play an actual "harder" game mode that they actually chose. So the question is; Should ironmen drop items on death? To increase the difficulty of the mode, to actually make it hard, we're wanting to make the ironmen drop items on their death. Meaning, upon every death they come upon, they'll drop the items they are currently holding - whether they'd wear it or have it in their inventory. E.g: Papi wears an obsidian set, with 20 rocktails in inventory, then dies to a rat. This would cause Papi to drop their obsidian set and 20 rocktails. Follow up on the question would be - should the drops be permanently deleted upon death, or have a timer giving you the chance to claim it? Please use some sense when voting, and take no offense from what has been mentioned. Thanks, EradicationX Administration Team.
  2. We'll decrease the amount of certain tasks.
  3. Hi, to increase the amount of players that stay after creating their account on EradicationX, we'd like to know more about what/how you felt about starting out. Since we want all new players to stay, we'd like to make it as enjoyable as possible to start out playing the game. So, how did you feel about starting your account progress on EradicationX? Did you enjoy starting out, whether you did or didn't - why? Was it difficult to understand where to locate the equipment you needed? Did you receive the help you needed? When you were new, what changes would you like to be made for you to stay? Anything else you'd like to say? It'd be a great help if as many people as possible could answer these questions, as it'd benefit the whole server. We've been thinking about this for months and haven't came up with any new ideas, so any information/ideas you can provide would be a huge help. Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  4. Sadie ツ

    Hardmode Trio

    Hello, This poll will be about Hardmode Trio. Hardmode trio is a team based boss, where you're supposed to have a minimum of 2 players to earn a kill. This boss contains a more difficult version of the three trio NPC's and drops the current end-game weapons - Elite Weaponry. However, it has came to our attention that it's difficult to form a team due to the playerbase, especially for those who play in different timezones than the server's most active part, E.g Australians. Even on the active side of the community, forming a team for Hardmode can be hard to do, and it's very discouraging to look when no one is wanting to join. So this poll is simple, do we make Hardmode trio soloable or keep it as a team boss? The Options: Make Hardmode Trio Soloable! Yes, it is already soloable, but it's not efficient in any way. You could expect a maximum of 5 kills an hour doing this for the moment. The reason we'd make it soloable, is so that people who play on the deadzones and people who play on other times, will be able to form a team so that they also can reach the end-game content. Although people currently form teams every now and then, it's not often, and people spend hours and maybe days to form a team just to reach the end-game weapons. This can get very discouraging when constantly looking for a team, but no one to do it with. In certain cases you might not even find a team because you don't like someone or that someone doesn't like you. It's a pretty tough spot, but that's how it works. Making it soloable would end up with people not having to wait for hours, days and possibly even weeks just to even have a chance to get the Elite Weaponry. If we were to make it soloable, we would simply remove the ice-barrage from Copyright, meaning you won't get frozen - making you able to avoid Fatal's special attack; thus making the boss much much easier. We will also be adjusting the drop rate so it's not easily obtained! Note: Hardmode Trio was released on EradicationX back when the server had a stable playerbase of 60+. That's why it's currently a team boss. Our current playerbase is way lower than that and thus it doesn't make too much sense to lock content behind team bosses - which requires a stable playerbase to have. It will still be an option to do the boss as a team, we'll just make it easier to solo it. Keep Hardmode Trio as a Team Boss! Basically keeping it the way it is right now. Require a party of minimum 2, if soloing you'll get a maximum of 5 kills an hour. The loot is shared between the participant, one of them gets a shot at the rare drop. We ask you to please be reasonable when choosing which option you'd prefer, if we were to make the boss soloable, we'd revert this change back to a team boss once the playercount is high and stable enough. Thank you, EradicationX Administration Team.
  5. Hello, Due to incidents regarding the YouTuber rank, where people would abuse the rank to their own benefits, we're now increasing the requirements to obtain the rank. Sadly our YouTuber's have been abusing their rank to benefit their alternative accounts, like using their YouTube account to kill bosses whilst picking up loot on alternative accounts - and that's of course not tolerated. Due to this reason we're making these changes: YouTuber: Must be well known within the community. Must have a minimum of 100 subscribers. Videos must be of quality (meaning not talking to the viewers using in-game chatbox). Must not create the same repetitive boring videos (such as loot from 100 bandos). The video's length should be a minimum of 2 minutes. If streaming, the length should be a minimum of 25 minutes. Benefits of the YouTuber rank: - $5 per video/stream with a cap of $20 a week. - Receives spawned items for video purposes. More information about the rank can be found here. If interested in the rank, please contact the Head Executive, Co-Owner or Owner.
  6. Greetings community, This announcement & poll is going to be regarding different forms of Gambling on EradicationX. If you didn't know already, the administration team have temporary disabled dicing and any other form of gambling (except duelling and risk fighting) due to it driving away most of our players away. Now the question we're asking is... what form of gambling is most wanted by the community, and what can we do to most of the players happy? This poll is quite simple, vote for whichever you'd like and maybe even leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did. The options: Cost of the Dicer Rank: We could lower the cost of the dicing rank and adding more options for the dice hosts (hosting flower games & dicing games). The rank would go from $100 to $25 and would not be tradeable in any way. Removal of Dicer Rank: We could completely remove the dicing rank and let the players gamble as they wish. Meaning, mithril seeds and dice bags would be obtained through in-game currency. (An npc would sell dicing bag and mithril seeds for GP). Note: with this option comes a lot of more scams. We do NOTHING: We could also just let it be the way it currently is. The dicing rank being priced $100, the hosts being able to host dicing games to regular players, whilst being able to both dice and do flower games with other hosts. And the rank is untradeable for 3 months after its purchase/transfer. This means the amount of ranks will be short, there will not be too many hosts. ------- There is currently no ETA as to when we're bringing gambling back to the server ------- Please note that if any changes are done with the dicing rank's price or if we remove it, the hosts will get refunded in store credits. Thanks, EradicationX Administration Team.
  7. What exacly is the issue, is it actually getting the client to load or opening the client?
  8. Quest Feedback! For future update purposes, please leave some feedback and thoughts about the Easter Quest that was recently made. The points I'd like to know more about are these specifically: Were the instructions clear (did you know what to do?) Was the quest too short or too long? Did you experience any nulls throughout the event? Did you experience any bugs throughout the event? Did you enjoy the questline (did you like the conversations and things you had to do?) Is there anything you'd want to see different in the quest? Would you want more quests? For answering in details about these points you will receive a reward: 10 DTD's or 10 Spell Scrolls!
  9. Easter Event To celebrate the Easter holiday we've developed a quick Easter event that will be available throughout the whole month. This event includes two different things, they are; A custom developed quest & a temporary accessible area "Easter Zone". Quest You can start the quest by talking to the "Easter Bunny" in the task manager's house, located in Rimmington. By talking to the bunny you'll start the questline, which is fairly simple but time consuming. NOTE: It is VERY important that you read the dialogue, as there's instructions in the dialogues which you need in order to complete the quest. Reward for Quest 25 Spell Power Scrolls 10 Huge XP Lamps Easter Ring (which turns you into a Rabbit when worn) Access to Easter zone! (::easter) Easter zone To get access to this zone, you'll need to have completed the Easter Quest mentioned above. This zone includes different varies of things, such as NPC's and Skilling Objects/Supplies. This zone will be here temporarily, and will include a few Donator Benefits as well as other new benefits. Drop List of the NPC's: The Bunnies drop Easter Eggs which contains these items: Eradicator Potions x20 Eradicator Potions 1-3x Vote Tickets x50-100 Paramaya Tickets Royal Court Rapier Off-hand Royal Court Rapier Ascension Crossbow Off-hand Ascension Crossbow Virtus Wand Virtus Book Tyrannical Ring Treasonous Ring Ring of The Gods This zone will be accessible for a limited time only, be sure to take advantage of it now! "Examine" the NPC to view its drops in-game! Server Sponsor We've added a rank for people who are wanting to represent the server by having a monthly subscription. The cost of this is $150 the first month and thereafter $70 a month. The people who choose to do this receives exclusive benefits and a custom icon. This rank exists solely for the purpose of people wanting to help pay for monthly advertisement, and make sure the server has a stable income from donations. The benefits of the rank: Click Here to read more about the rank and its benefits! Miscellanous Updates: Added colour to lent donator ranks. Fixed some recoloring on chats etc... Helper crown now overrides any rank below the respective rank. Updated the Trivia Bot (new questions, updated the wrong answers, added guess the movie and anagrams - brought by Papi) Added dummy timer to task tab. Made changes to the Ironman rank where it is no longer sexist. Ironwomen are now a thing. Added staff zone command for Helpers, thus making them capable of receiving and accepting tickets. Patch Notes: Fixed some recoloring on chats etc... Fixed the bug where using a steel titan at jenny would null the server. Fixed the bug where moderator crown would turn into an administrator crown upon receiving rare drops. Fixed Elite Obsidian Gloves (Swift) bonus on full set, the wrong item ID was used. Increased Death Pet price from 500 to 1000 Paramaya Tickets. Nerfed the Death Pet's healing perk from 40% to 20%. Increased GP per kill from ballak from 5M to 20M. Made it so you'll need to be in combat with Bal'lak for at least 60 seconds to be able to receive a reward. If the 60 seconds passed and you haven't hit Bal'lak, your rewards will be deleted. Reworked the Boss Drop from Bal'lak (Examine the Box to see what's inside) **COOKING GAUNTLETS!!!** Fixed it so that ::deathlotus teleports you straight to the boss room. Fixed it so that ::blink teleprots you straight to the boss room. Fixed it so that ::trio teleports you outside of the boss room rather than inside one of the 3's room. Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.
  10. EradicationX Sponsorship The administration have decided to add in a new rank called "Sponsor" which will be given to those who wish to sponsor EradicationX. A sponsor would basically help give the server a more monthly stable donation so that we can afford more Advertisement - leading us to get more players and activity. What is a Sponsor? A sponsor is basically a donator but to a deeper level. A sponsor donates a certain amount on a monthly basis to help pay for the costs of Advertisement, VPS and YouTuber's. What about the other donations? The other donations aren't being ignored and are always very much appreciated. We're doing no changes to what happens with the donations, they're going straight to the aforementioned purposes. Donations are highly appreciated, but sponsors are donators who gives the server a stable monthly income. What are the benefits of being a Sponsor? Aside from receiving a super cool custom icon in-game (), these are the things exclusively given to Sponsors. Custom in-game and Forums rank (). Eligible to preview planned and future content. Eligible to test the content before it's been released to the public. Access to give opinions on what you think we should add, change or remove (basically helping us improve the updates). Ability to transform into any NPC in-game. Ability to perform any Emote in-game. Eradicator Donator. The cost of the rank will also be added to your total donation for every month. Meaning you can reach Hero and possible future ranks! How much does this cost? To receive this rank, you need to pay monthly. Meaning you will have to purchase the rank over and over, until you wish to stop. This rank lasts for one month, unless otherwise is discussed. The rank costs $150 the first month, and thereafter it'll be decreased to $70 a month. To obtain this rank, contact one of the Owners. Note: Prices may be negotiated in terms of addition/removing of benefits.
  11. Ha, you think we forgot about your girlfriend?
  12. The Staff Team will be hosting events throughout the weekend to celebrate Easter. Information Throughout the up-coming week, there will be events held by various staff members to "celebrate" the given holiday. There will be events held throughout the whole week as I said, but the bigger events will take place Friday & Saturday, for more specific information, continue reading. What Can I Expect? It's our wish to make this as enjoyable as possible, and make sure everyone is having fun regardless of their account progression. So here's what we're going to do. Week days: Activating Well of Goodwill. Activating global vote. Friday - Sunday: The things mentioned above. Doubled drop rate. Goodie Bag. PvM/SP events. PvP event (If many enough). Hide and seek. When Will This Happen? We don't have a set/specific time for when each event is going to happen. This is because we aren't always available ourselves, as this is a holiday. The well and global vote activations will occur whenever an Administrator is logged in. The events that are happening from Friday to Sunday will be hosted late night for Europeans, this is to give Americans & Australians the access to join in on the event as well. With this we hope to release an update as well, no promise though. Hopefully we'll manage! Thank you and have fun! EradicationX Staff Team.
  13. "That means if the market wants 500m/hr then ALL lenders are forced into that or they don't make money. Their own choice if they want it to damage them or not because they choose their lending rate." That's basically the reason the rule exists. You don't need 500 people to set a price, one person is enough, you should know that. If someone decided to say fuck it and lend out eradicator ranks for 100m/hr, that would be the price if the person has enough ranks and consistency. Not to mention, there's limited spaces in the rank lender, which again, if they have enough ranks, it makes them able to control the lending prices entirely on their own (not that it's going to happen anytime soon but yes it's a factor). Meaning, one person could make a decision that affects every single person wanting to lend their rank. If we're looking at the benefits of the erad rank, if you're able to get a rank for essentially 100m/hr or even 100m for 24 hours, why in the world would anyone want to purchase the rank for its full benefits, when the only thing not included is the drop-rate? (Yes, the end-game, but that argument isn't valid due to the current state) Especially when it's super easy to get 10B with an erad rank, and when you do, you'll get 1.35x instead of 1.3x. And well, that's the only difference from lending and having the actual rank, right? And well, donators being needed for people to get to the end-game, has always been a thing, and would require us to re-work the eradicator benefits and how the game works to change. Which again... you already know. Unless you'd play as an ironman of course. This however, is bigger than anything mentioned on the thread, and really only holds relevance to the rank lending price if there's a limited amount of ranks in-game, few supporters, but as it seems to be, there's too many ranks to use this as an argument. I'm no mathematician and i've also not studied economics to a deeper value, but this definitely don't require such advanced thinking. I'm not 100% sure what you guys were discussing about since some of those words were out of my vocabulary but I figure this is relevant to the topic, as this is why rule #17 exists, and well, can you really say that this is wrong? Because last I checked, if someone could set the lending price to 500m/hr, then they could also set it to 100m/hr, or any price they desire. But once you set it low, it'll be hard to get it back up. <- One person is enough, there's no denial in that.
  14. I'd like to take a few minutes to further explain the latest changes that haven't been supported by the community. It appears that most people are unaware of the reason behind the change, which may or may not be because of people jumping to their own conclusions, as I wasn't perfectly clear when stating the change's on the update log. First of all, I've noticed that some people have been bashing the staff members of the server for putting these updates out. And by bashing, I don't mean that they're just generally disappointed or giving any valid/useful information, they're just instead calling out the server's staff and how badly they execute. This is extremely unnecessary and of course is against the rules as well. If you disagree with an update, please referr to the administration team rather than calling out/disrespecting the member's who are simply here for the server's moderation. I can assure you that the only staff members that had any control of these important game changes were the ones head of administration, and the reason behind them? Well, continue reading. Jad not dropping shards and Armour Degradation: Now, this is an important point. Whether you like it or not, jad dropping shards are lethal to the server's health. It gives people access to jump from the worst of the tiers, to the end-game tiers. This has been a problem ever since the Tzhaar-Jad was officially released back on EradicationX. All of the people in the administration excluding the Owner, have been playing this source for many many years, and by that amount of time, whether we've been staff or not, we've seen how the Jad boss affects the economy and server health. Removing the Obsidian Shard's from the Tzhaar-Jad drop-table was necessary, to prevent the shard's from getting overflooded and of course to prevent people having a doing a HUGE gap between tiers. By this I mean, going from Vesta's to Obsidian, when there's tons of tiers inbetween (which you are supposed to get, but if no one does, this affects those item prices and the value of doing other bosses, which just makes them dead content if no one needs them, right?). Jad is easily killed, even with chaotics and Vesta's, there's no denial in that. If we'd raise the drop-rate, the problem would still be a viable option, if we buffed the boss people would get furious due to the boss already being click-intensive, and well, no one in the EradicationX community truly likes difficulty, if we're being completely honest. Therefore we can conclude, that Jad dropping the Shard doesn't just affect the tiers, but it also affects the value in doing other bosses and the economical side of the Shards and other bosses, thus making this a necessary change. And to make Jad have a usage still after the removal of this, we made Jad strictly for the Enchanting Potion and Obsidian Champion strictly for the Shards. This also puts an economical value on the Enchanting Potion, thus making Jad useful (not to mention the price per eradicator potion). When it comes to armour degradation, i'm of course talking about the Elite Obsidian. The reason behind making this armour degrade isn't that we're just trying to be a bunch of assholes who loves to see you suffer. It's because we need a sink for the Obsidian Shards. Although the Jad change would help make them harder to obtain in terms of tiers, it doesn't prevent the shard's from getting overflooded once people get to the stage where they're able to fight the Obsidian Champion. Therefore, since the Elite Obsidian Armour is the current end-game gear, we decided that it'd be best to force the end-game people to have some sort of impact on the Shard's economy, of course in a good way. Forcing them to obtain three enchanted shards to sucessfully repair their armour. And because we're expecting people not to like this change, we made it fairly good rates, 3 enchanted shards (+2 more for each helm) for each 144 hours in-combat time you spend using them, that's VERY GOOD rates. Because the plan wasn't to make you suffer, it was to add some sort of sink to the shard without punishing anyone, and this was the conclusion. It's not difficult to obtain when you have the end-game armour as well. And to make this even less of a hassle, we also buffed the Elite Obsidian Armoury. These two updates are both linked to eachother as you might've figured out by now. Annihilation, Decimation and Obliteration Special Attack nerf: I've explained this one several times before, but just since it's still a critical point, I'd like to further explain it. The changes we did with these special attacks is because of how over-powered they were, not to mention that they also were free once you obtained one of the Weapons. Just to make an example of how powerful they were: I don't have actual footage of this since it's already been nerfed, but this is approximately the hit changes: Melee max hit was nerfed by 300. Ranged max hit was nerfed by 600. Magic max hit was nerfed by 1050. My memory is a bit grey since this change was done a while ago, but obviously increasing the max hit damage by this much after simply getting weapons that are fairly cheap in the economy, not to mention that you simply use an overload to use it, is INCREDIBLY OVERPOWERED. Keeping this would prevent us from being able to add new tiers after the end-game, without getting to insanely high max hits. At that point, these special attacks would be better than any armoury and weapons combined. To make room for future tiers we decided to nerf these to what they currently are: Rule #17: Rule 17 is the one which prevents you from lending donator ranks below their respective price at the rank lender. People haven't been too happy regarding this change either but again, it's necessary. The thing people tend to forget, is to look at the bigger picture, and not be selfish about this whole situation. The comments we get are "It's my rank, my money, I should get to do whatever I want with it". And yes, that's a fairly good point, and it's true. But not when it doesn't only affect you, not when it affects everyone who has ANY rank. Which is what this whole rule is about, to prevent the rank from getting de-valued. What do I mean by the rank getting devalued? Surely the rank's are only raising in price? Yes, I don't mean the rank's actual price, I mean the rank's lending price, as that's the context in this matter. Here's an example; if someone would have 10 Eradicator Ranks, and would publically announce and constantly lend each rank out for 100m/hr, NO ONE would lend the rank for it's original price at 800m/hr, which was put there for a reason (to prevent people from basically getting free ranks). People would be waiting in line to lend this dude's rank and if people who donated for their ranks also want to lend theirs, they'll have to undercut/lend it out for the exact same price as this guy does, to even have a chance. Lending a donator rank is also a donator benefit, as you lend it out to gain money, but if everyone is practically getting them for free, this is no longer a benefit, thus devaluing a point on getting a rank. And to prevent people from again, basically getting free ranks, we've added this rule to make sure the Rank's minimum lending prices are followed. If the lending prices are too cheap, no one would pay the full price to achieve the rank either, devaluing it even more. Why are people that don't even play the game making game changes? Every single member of the administration (excluding Era - the Owner), has been playing this source for YEARS. We have A LOT of knowledge and information about this server, from all kind of different perspectives. We can give you a damn server tour without even being online on the server, we can bring you information on everything, you say it, we have it. We've all played this server, we're all knowledged about the game mechanics, the way it functions and everything else. We aren't updating a game we know nothing about, I can assure you we have some of the most server knowledgable member's in our Administration. We know what we're doing, we've done it before and we just need people to see it from the perspective they need to - the longevity of the server. Who's to blame for these sudden changes? Sadie Note: Depending on the feedback to this thread, we'll consider reverting the updates made. But if we do, you'll have to blame yourself for the consequences - we will not be able to control the economy, because of how easily everything will be obtained. Thanks, and hopefully you'll have a better understanding of why what's been done has been done. Sadie.
  15. Hello, We're under the progression of developing custom Raids, and so we'd like to know what sort of reward system you'd like when completing the raids. There's simply three options to choose between, unless another is suggested! Make all players rewarded but only one should get a rare reward. All players would receive the default reward which is yet to be discussed, but only one person will have the chance to obtain a rare item. Make all players rewarded and everyone gets a chance of a rare reward. All players would receive the default reward and a chance of obtaining a rare item. Make all players rewarded and everyone gets the same reward. All players would receive the exact same rewards constantly, and will be able to purchase rewards based on how many times they've done this. Be sure to vote after the one that is personally preferred. Thanks, EradicationX Staff Team.