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  1. tiocrowley


    Buying Obby legs 80b cash! buying ench pots 7b ea! buying reg/ext/super donors!
  2. Make Anni great again, please! With ovl 138 and with erad 148 is a great ideia! like tect said!
  3. Yo boys, as you can see, I'm buying malevolent body for 10b cash! Pmme ingame
  4. INGAME NAME: TioCr0wleyTOTAL LEVEL: 2496 (almost 10b)TIME PLAYED: Almost 2days WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: Creamy called me, seems to be a good ideia Lmao :p
  5. Staff Team Feedback format: Owner Era - I don't see the owner on too much, but never talked to him. Community Manager Sadie - already helped me with some ingame questions, a good guy! Developer Habitat - Haven't this see guy too much... but I think its ok Forum Administrator Papi - Very active and helped me a lot with some ingame things! Server Administrator Fin - Seems like a good guy, dont really have a thing to say about him. Head Moderator - Forum Moderator - Server Moderator Xilent - a really helpful guy, and active. Axiz - really helpful too, talked to him when I returned, great work! Server Support Luci - already helped me with some ingame issues SoulPsycho - helps me a lot, with some ingame things, and is a really nice guy!