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  1. Ingame name: smokey What donator rank(s) are you requesting? superdonator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:https://gyazo.com/5ee30a5a00e445ec413e28791a3517e1
  2. i am buying regular donator for: -18b cash -mainhand rcr pm me on forum or in-game
  3. buying reg donator for 15b cash pm me ingame or on forum
  4. hey buddy, i play this server for like 2 weeks and you are always online when i started you gave me some bandos gear to do some pvm u helped me so much at the start i support u 100% kind regards, smokey
  5. i wanne buy the black mask nose pegg and face mask
  6. INGAME NAME: smokey TOTAL LEVEL: max today TIME PLAYED: 5 hours WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: i am looking for some pvm partners for like dou bosses and just a nice community