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    What a depressing thing to wake up to Ken, you're the one that motivated me when I found this server. You were one if not the first to max an ironman account and have some of the best game knowledge of the staff team. I hope you find some more motivation to play once the next big update drops and I'd love to raid with you once it does. You were an awesome staff member and it was well deserved. Good luck to you friend Staff team took an L with this one bois
  2. I would like to see regular slayer tasks reworked a little as well. However they're defiantly not a priority as of now. Some changes i would like to see are When skipping a task you can't get the same task you just skipped. Make some more items purchasable with regular slayer points. Ex: Sp scrolls as there isn't a way to obtain besides ballak, sof and events. Id price at around whatever you earn after 10 tasks. just a couple suggestions i thought of
  3. Probably didn't even make money with how many times I skipped tasks. The 7.7b cash is from selling an ascension set and a couple pieces of vanguard armor.
  4. ^^^ This dude made a graph, he deserves some love. I've played Erad for years and I hated the jad/degradation update at first. I hated it to the point I didn't care to play for like a week. Once I got over my initial disappointment (and forgave sadie for making my obby grind harder) I realized it was for the best. It will ultimately keep the server going longer and allow players to not get bored as fast. The older players that are complaining a lot are upset because its being changed after so long of being the way it was, if we want the server that we know and love to last there have to be some sacrifices. I have no strong feelings on the rule 17 update. I don't see how people are complaining about having to pay 800m/hr for a rank that allows several billion gp to be made in that hour.
  5. I chose option one just to keep these raid items rare and keep players enjoying the content for longer. As much as i would to get my hands on the gear sooner the more people that have a chance at getting rare drop the faster they'll come into the game. Option two would be good as well if the chance of two people getting a drop would be super rare.
  6. Some good ideas, I really like the dummy timer and the ::ticket suggestion. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. I remember you from old erad you and were always a good guy. Got my vote.
  8. In-Game Name: Hades How old are you? 19 Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time What languages do you speak? English What position are you applying for? Helper Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I want to help the player base as much as I can and take the pressure away from the higher tier staff when they're busy doing other things. I would enjoy giving my thoughts toward updates for the future and assisting in events that include the whole server. I try to help new players whenever i have spare gear and items, as a Helper I can assist players even more when they need a kick or just general information. Do you have any past staff experience? I was accepted as temporary helper a few different times in the final days of old erad when Susano was trying to hold the server together. Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? 1. The helper role should be expected to be fairly active and engage in the community, It should be a stepping stone for serious players that would like to make higher staff and help the server grow. 2. The helper should be expected to answer as many player questions as they can and help nulled players whenever they arise. Along with helping players they should be willing to step up if other staff members ever need assistance in testing new features or running an event along with any other problem staff might face 3. The helper should do what they can to handle situations without needing to call for help but also understand when they need to call for help from a higher position.
  9. Hades

    Take All

    Would just encourage afk bossing more. If there is a reason beyond that lemme know.
  10. Option A would love to get a boss pet on kc 1
  11. Yea I was small time dicer, definitely not my main focus.
  12. I just discovered that someone had the best idea ever to reopen EradicationX. I maxed 2 two accounts on the old server, Hadez and Poseidon. I'm looking forward to playing with everyone and lemme know if you remember me