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  1. 1-the instructions were very clear only have problem with nomad and that’s cuz I’m not the best at pvm 2-the Easter quest wasn’t to short lots of running back and fourth could have been a little more extended 3-no the event has been very good so far 4-no I didn’t come across any bugs or nulls 5-the quest line was a little bit short but as far as stable wise it was very good no bugs nothing and conversations could have been a little more extended 6- as far as different tho no it just needs some switching up lots of running back and fourth 7-I would of course love more quest in the future this server is very good
  2. Was thinking why everyone doesn’t like dicing is it the odds? Or is it just bad luck ? What if you could choose to under to place your bet on Over or under the number 55 if you bet for example under and u roll let’s say 33 it’s a win but if it was over it would have been a loss