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  1. thank you. I love the feedback!!
  2. @Versace & @Champagnepapi Both thanks alot for taking the time to give me feedback over my suggestions. I really appreciate it! I can see that this would devalue the spellpower and instead of rewarding spellpower you can be rewarded with something else. Also the Wilderness bots should not be overpowered strong and be made in a way they won't hit 99s, but it would be cool to have them with that armour and you being able to see the difference in tiers of pvp bots. Thanks for reacting on my post, but having player owned shops does not mean selling items and talking in friend chats should be any less, because people will still be announcing that they got sales going on in their shops and for you it is possible to buy items without the sellers being able to be online. As i can see it there are really not any major downsides to this. Why would people not advertise for their Player owned shops in the friends chat? And yeah I can understand it with the loyalty shop, but there are some people who grind really active so having cosmetics/titles and overrides are nice solutions for this.
  3. Suggestions EradicationX 1.Introducing Prestiging into the game. Prestiging will go the 5th prestige where you will need 10b xp to prestige all the 5 times. Prestiging will bring benefits with it like: - Being able to upgrade your Completionist amulet from normal to Tier 1,2,3,4,5 and the same goes with the 10b cape. These upgrades will not be overpowered but will be slight improvements for the brave warriors that will accept this challenge. - A small droprate boost of 0.1 or 0.2 with reaching tier 5 prestige. - Having a special pet by prestiging to prestige 1 and being able to upgrade it everytime you prestige to make it look bigger and cooler ( maybe even adding small perks everytime your prestige gets higher. 2. The slayer helmet needs a fix. The full slayer helmet is not working at the moment: - Hexcrest: it boosts the player's Magic damage by 12.5% and Magic accuracy by 12.5% - Focus Sight: the player's Ranged damage is increased by 12.5% and their Ranged accuracy by 12.5% against their current Slayer task. 3. More items in the Boss slayer shop. The boss slayer shop is a great shop to get good gears and amazing perks to help you ingame, but after a certain point the shop will be useless and that is a big waste. I got some ideas: - More perks you can purchase for ingame that benefits skilling, Pvming and money making. - scrolls to activate more bosses to kill for tasks, like donatorbosses, jenny bosses & raids. - A special title to unlock to show off - SP scrolls, PVM boxes. - Enchanted Crystal keys which give better rewards in the Crystal key chest. Rewards for these keys can be new cosmetic items, supplies, weapons/armour, more inv, vote tickets and erad seals than from the regular ckeys - Slayer helmet Imbue scroll ( look at idea number 7 ) 4. Clue scrolls. In my opinion this would be a huge way of fun and enjoyable content in game with cool rewards to get. 5. Player owned houses. As we see the game growing andwe get more content it would be enjoyable and so cool to have player owned houses. These player owned houses need to work fully with: - teleports - Pets - Dungeons - Chests for your cosmetics and clue scroll rewards - Stands to put your armour on In this way you can show off your house and this can be a very usefull way to have for added content like clue scrolls, pets and a bigger way of training construction as it is quite boring now. (having player owned houses with people spending money on items to build will also be a good way to help the money sinking) 6. Player owned shops. This idea gets a lot of negative feedback, but I honestly think that it would be an amazing way to sell your items and trade with eachother. This idea will have a npc where you can open and manage your own shop and look for other people's names to see their shop. Every player will have a right click option to see their Player Owned Shop Good post to see: 7. Wilderness Revamp. This is a widely suggested idea and can have a big positive impact on the game as not many servers go good pvp systems. There will be pvp bots that are active across the whole wilderness with single bots and some in groups. 4 different kind of bots: -Easy bots --> These bots will have gear like runite, Helm of Neitiznot, dragon boots, whip etc. -Mediocre bots --> These bots will have vesta, bandos helmet, mh and oh chaotics, tokhaar gloves and boots -Hard bots --> These bots will have vanguard, obsidian gloves and boots, mh & oh rcr rapiers, max cape -Elite bots --> These will be found deep in the wilderness and have elite obsidian armour with different elite weapons. The ideas on the gear the bots got can be changed to what everyone would like to see, but these are some ideas - And beside this idea we need a place to really just be able to have a good pvp time and maybe a zone where you got a chest that you can pick gear and supplies from to fight in that zone and having a option to pk for fun and save or pk with your own gear and risk. Teleporting out of this zone will empty the gear you lend out of the chest. 8. Regular slayer & shop. At this moment slayer only got the slayer tower and this is pretty cheesy and crap tbh. - Instead slayer should be much bigger with multiple dungeons and much more creatures to kill while on task. - Besides this the slayer shop is getting small revamps from time by time and some cool stuff to add would be the hexcrest and the focussight. These 2 items would be removed from the boss slayer shop and added to the regular slayer shop so the boss slayer shop can have the Imbued slayer helmet scroll as mentioned in sugg. 3 - some bosses should also be able to drop their heads as a ultra rare drop to add colored slayer helmets in a fun and rewarding system you can grind for to show off. 9. Raids. I know that they are already working on this and that there is a amazing post about this on the forums, but having a raids would make us a very unique servers and have many positive ingame benefits for the players and the hard grinders. Items for this raids could be new best in slot weapons/gear, SP rewards, invasions, supply boxes, pvm boxes, enchanted keys etc.. Good post to see: 10. Loadstones. As Ballak is a thing now and he spawns near some loadstones this would be nice to have added into the game. Good post to see as this loadstone idea is also influencing ballak: 11. Loyalty store revamp. As of now having loyalty tokens after buying Vampyrism and maxing with Wisdom there is really no point in this shop. What is was thinking of are some things: 1. Being able to upgrade certain very much used auras to different custom tiers with loyalty points to make them better and more powerfull. 2. Having new items in there like different pieces of a accesoires to combine in a very powerfull item. 3. Special titles to buy for being loyal to the game. 4. A new zone for people with a certain amount of loyalty points to chill out and dice and stuff to show of that you're loyal to the game. But what I just mean is that being loyal should be more rewared. as most of us keep voting and helping players. Some Post I find having really good ideas that I just wanted to let you be more aware of: 1. Bank place holders. Having these would be great to keep your bank much more organised and help you get items much quicker. 2.Buffing the super rank. As of now the super zone/rank is only quite usefull for the 2.5x xp and there should deff. be some changes. 3. Revival of bosses. These are great ideas that I think most people would love to see being implemented into the game. Well everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this. any other suggestions are always welcome!
  4. maybe it would be better to have regular boss requirements. like: 1k of each godwars boss excluding Nex. or any other X amount of boss kills for gwd, Rots, Eradicator, Maximum gradum etc
  5. It is just adding a dye into game basicly. Getting the rank will get you 7-8 white dyes i guess or 1 which you can use to make the full armour white and keep it the same stats as the regular or elite ones. just a recolouring to show off. nothing else really
  6. I like the idea, but people needing to have 1k kc at obby king and jad kinda requires you to buy or spend a huge amount on money to lend erad ranks which is not really fair in my opinion. Also there are a lot of people grinding at bosses for spellpower but totally removing it would not be fair either if you only get 100 sp each raid run. In the requirement to kill a certain amount of bosses before going to the next boss is kind of the same all those cheesy 317 1000+ customs servers do and I think this would be bad for the game. I think a better solution would be to drasticly lower the droprate of jad, because he is pretty easy to kill and this prevents people having endgame gear so soon. Maybe also a requirement to pay 500m before going to jad to let people with not that big amounts of cash grind other bosses first. But over all the raids idea I very much like with the different kind of bosses !!
  7. Love it man. Short but really powerfull. Nothing too overpowered and makes things fear! Big +1 from me
  8. nice guide, but you forgot about Tokhaar Armour. It is pretty good mid tier armour
  9. I am all for this idea. Would be amazing to see ingame! A small but pretty unique piece of content
  10. Welcome man. Hope to see you ingame!
  11. This is a amazing idea and I like the sound of it. I support it !
  12. So nice to see different clans coming to the game. Love to see more clan content coming into the game in the future. Goodluck mate!!
  13. In game name: Kenpachi Total experience: [] Total killcount: [] This alone would be more than enough. Loyalty points: [] Lets join this Cattle PS: it says 1b on the picture but i got 10b cape to prove it