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  1. hello peeps Well , you don't have to rework things at all @Champagnepapi, Ill maily talk about ironman ranks because this has nothing to do with normal players as far I undarstand @SmokeyTheBear Let's be honest Ironman = semi erad rank , People pay an extra 150$ for extras one of them is the incr. drop rate , its the only rank this allows to increase it. As Ironman can't trade it's hard to obtain the erad rank ,they just need to buy it with IRL money , as other can buy it with in game money. So why don't allow ironman to use the extra drop rate? it will not go over 2 , people pay for it? And it don't affect the economy because these are irons W E are irons. I heard a little here and there and this has also to do something with the obby champ king, Jad shards got removed , ok I totally understand and respect it...but... By this it's extremely hard for ironman to obtain full elite obby, they cannot buy it only get it from drops. What I'll suggest? -Allow the ironman to let them stack the drop rate , give them for what they pay for. -or I dont know if that's possible but an ironman only jad boss! let him also drop shards like before but for ironman only , maybe lower the drop rate but this as alternative? No it wont affect the economy nothing at all , this is for ironman only , the ;;giveup command? it got removed , and asking a mod? make it so it's clear once you kill 1 jad or obtain shard you can't go to normal mode (just like the excisting rules about going to normal mode). I did my best for this , Thanks in Advance and happy Scaping SaeysKnight