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    Thanks everyone Proud to be back!
  2. I am new, and old at the same time lol Anyway, let's start this introduction shall we? Hi, my name is Gynx (RJ), I am 24 years old (Aug 7th, 1994), live in Arkansas, USA and from Ohio tho. I have 1 little girl, a year old and engaged to a wonderful fiancé. I work 6 PM-3AM every day during the week and off on weekends. I'm a respectful and caring person. Respect me and you'll get it back. That's that with real life... RuneScape life: Started RS back in 2004, played up to 2010 and switched to RSPS after finding out what they was. Ran my own servers in 2012 and help web develop some sites. Quit everything runescape in 2015 after shutting down my final server and just went to GTA Online for PS4. Came back to OSRS when I finally got the app on my phone from being on pre-order. So, I've been playing runescape again since like a month ago EradX: Yea, this used to be called EradicationX, was one of the best 718s in 2016-17. I spent a year and some months on this server until inflation kicked in and the economy went to living hell. BUT! I am back, doubt anyone will know or remember me from back in those days.... Anyway, need to know more? Shoot a pm or find me in-game. ~Gynx