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  1. In-Game Name: Scorpionok1 How old are you? 21 Time Zone: utc+0 What languages do you speak? English What position are you applying for? Helper Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I would like to be apart of the Staff Team because I feel it would be a great honour to work along side the other staff members in helping other members of the EradicationX Community. I also believe I can be a great asset of the team. Do you have any past staff experience? I have been a moderator on some small Runescape private servers on a website that closed down in 2015 called RSWebclients where I was also moderator on the rank 1 server on the listings. Please write what YOU think, should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I think that in the role of Helper I should be required to help other members of the EradicationX Community. What I think you be expected of me is to Help others with there questions and issues on EradicationX and to also help other staff members out when they require assistance.