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  1. I really think that changing the droprate from an ironman to +0.2 and removing the ;;giveup command would give people alot more reason to play Iron man, when people donate for erad rank on their Iron man they most certainly made their choice to play that account as an Iron man so why not remove the ;;giveup command. Sincerely Ganjadawg
  2. When I started out I got a bit of a head start thanks to my friend who already played the server, but I also play as an Iron man and the thing I want to say about starting out new on the server is the pain you have to suffer by camping gradum for your first chaotics, Tbh you need a ton of kills to actually get the seals you need. Maybe a good Idea would be to make the amount of Erad seals dropped by gradum a little bit higher due to the fact that for new players its actually really boring to start out and that may be a reason people quit really quick. Alot of new players join the server and after a couple hours they leave because of the boring grind they have to do just to get chaotics. A little faster early game will let people enjoy the mid game alot more. Sincerely Ganjadawg
  3. Hello Eradicationx Reborn, It came to my knowledge that different droprate increases such as the 10b cape, Eradicator rank and the Iron man droprate bonus are not stacking at the moment, the biggest issue with that from my perspective is that people are missing out on bonusses they actually should be getting for playing for example Iron man or buying an eradicator rank. Making the bonusses stack onto each other would make it more valuable for Iron man players to play Iron man, and also the 150$ spend on the Eradicator rank would be a good investment as if its now a bit expensive. So my suggestion for this threat would be: Stack the droprate bonusses so people are getting more value for their playstyle/donation Sincerely Ganjadawg