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  1. Copyright: Something: Fatal resort: #Kinger
  2. Thank you, i tried my best
  3. Start: Extreme Zone (Donators only): Good luck on your journey to 400m crafting and 10B cape overall! #Kinger
  4. Kree'arra (Armadyl) Level: 580 Hits with:Range Attack with:Range Prayer: Range Suggested Gear Setup (starter) : Gear needed: Robin hood hat Saradomin murmur Onyx bolts (e) Ava's accumulator Chaotic crossbow Off-Hand Chaotic crossbow Black d'hide body Black d'hide chaps Swift gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring (i) Inventory should look like this: 2x Ranging potions 2x Renewal potions 2x Saradomin brew 22x Rocktail Mid gear (faster kills): Gear needed: Armadyl helmet Saradomin murmur Onyx bolts (e) Ava's accumulator Ascension crossbow Off-Hand Ascension crossbow Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Swift gloves Glaiven boots Archers' ring (i) Inventory should look like this: 1x Overload flask 2x Super restore flask 1x Prayer renewal flask 24x Rocktail Pro Tips: Use Vampyrism Aura (Heal yourself) Ring of Wealth for addition Drop rate
  5. Did you enjoy starting out, whether you did or didn't - why? Yes, the start was kinda hard at first, but in a few days i got the hang of it, the resson why i liked it because i played the last server, and i knew that it was a great server already. Was it difficult to understand where to locate the equipment you needed? Ye, the ::shops teleport is good enough, but searching for the equipment i needed was a bit difficult at first. Did you receive the help you needed? Indeed i did, the player base is nice enough to help out when needed. When you were new, what changes would you like to be made for you to stay? When i started, i knew that it's going to be hard to reach what i want, but at the start, i just wanted to see a bigger comunity. Anything else you'd like to say? The server is good at it is right now, but the problem is that, there are not much players playing Eradicationx at this moment, new players would like to see a bigger comunity where they could enjoy there stay, and not see 8 players online, with all of the 8 players not even talking in friends chat and afking, that is all. #Kinger