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  1. Maverick

    Hardmode Trio

    Again great teamwork on the updates, giving options for players of all kinds to accomplish what some could not otherwise achieve!! Keep doing what you are doing!!
  2. Awesome video Dain, well done!!! Much appreciated...I have only ever solo'd twice, also using a few dtd's to make it easier on me on old erad!!! Again, job well done!!!!
  3. I do not Gamble so this is irrelevant to me, however great options for those that enjoy it. I am very pleased with the updates and commitment shown to improve the server & trying to please as many members as possible. Well done!!!!
  4. Amazing video , helps greatly!!
  5. Wonderful suggestions!!! Got my support!!
  6. Grats to Mr Solo!! Thank you Tony for giveaway!!
  7. I think the instructions could have been clearer, perhaps with identifying hints. The length of event was on par for rs holiday events. Well done! Only got nulled as I entered Relleka, nothing that a simple relog could rectify. The event quest-line was amusing, I quite enjoyed myself. Yes more quests would keep the interest up, and if I may add job well done!! The updates made thus far are greatly appreciated and the forming of a great staff is emerging!!!
  8. Grand video, thank you for your time !!