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    We could make afking bosses only allowed in instances, the thing is, i believe most of the people that has been caught afking in the regular boss rooms has been afking in an instance and the timer ran out, in most instances you'll currently be teleported to the regular boss room. So that'd only require to change the coordinates you'd be teleported to once the timer of your instance runs out. We'll discuss this within the staff team and come up with a conclusion that'll be fair for everyone.
  2. INTRODUCING THE WINNERS This is what the entries look like; Standard raffle Winners 1. Obsidian Mage Helm - Mikey 2. Obsidian Warrior Helm - Creamy 3. Obsidian Ranger Helm - Axiz 4. Obsidian Kiteshield - Jeffrey 5. Obsidian Platebody - Ghoul 6. Obsidian Platelegs - Xilent 7. Obsidian Boots - Hades 8. Obsidian Gloves - Oly 9. Regular Donator Rank - Animals Elite Raffle Winners 1. Neon Partyhat - Papi 2. Ring of Power - Oly 3. Elite Virtus Wand - Purple Drank 4. Elite Virtus Book - Axiz 5. Super Donator - Mikey 6. Frostbite Dagger - Donald Duck 7. Elite Ascension crossbow - Hades 8. Off-hand Elite Ascension Crossbow - Castle Exclusive Raffle Winners 1. Noname Cape5 (Red) - Soulpsycho 2. Aqua Partyhat - Papi 3. Legendary Donator Rank - Reddragon The Event was livestreamed solely to the staff members as my IP could be seen when drawing the raffles. Gongratulations to the winners /Locked
  3. Last time I'll be announcing the entries, good luck to everyone who has and are going to enter any raffle.
  4. Recent Updates: Mikey has been promoted to Server Support. Soulpsycho has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Hades has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Xilent has been promoted to Server Executive.
  5. I've personally been dicing with you but I don't feel like you've been present enough in the dicing community under a longer period for you to have this title. I'd want you to keep being active as you've been the last couple of days, keep dicing and being a generally trust-worthy dude. You also must have very good knowledge regarding prices and the rules of dicing on our server, there's posts about that on the forums if you aren't familiar with them. I'm not saying in doubting your ability to host but I feel like your time online is too low to have what i previously mentioned, on the "Trusted Gambler" kind of level. With that said, I'd just want you to keep doing what you're doing and this title will come eventually.
  6. End of event has been moved to 18/8, which means the raffles will be drawn in 9 days. The raffle entries currently looks like this:
  7. Already got 1.1t out of the eco Hue
  8. This event will be a special one, huge sacrifices with potentially huge wins. How does this event work? You'll have to trade an Administrator a specific amount if ingame value in order to join in on the event. This event will consist of 3 different tiers of giveaways, with 3 different entry-fees. NOTE that this giveaway will be a raffle with X amount of winners, which means that, the more participants we have in each raffle will give each participant a lower chance of winning, and of course, depending on how many entries the player bought. The 3 tiers will be; Exclusive Elite Standard In depth; Standard Elite Exclusive How will the raffles be drawn? When the time has come to finally draw the raffles, we will have a list of each raffle and who's taking a part of it. After that we'll reply to the thread of the winners for each raffle. We will be picking each winner through RANDOM.ORG, we'll be giving each and every item a number (1-X, depending on how many items there are in the raffle) and then place up every participants name and the website will do the rest. An example; Rules The items allowed to be handed in to enter the giveaways will be displayed below. Note that the prices will be taken from the price check thread (Click here) You'll be able to buy as many entries as you'd like, for the cost of the entry-fee multiplied with the amount of entries you'd like to purchase. Entry limitations; - 1 Entry - Standard - 5 Entries - Elite - 2 Entries - Exclusive The items will have to be traded and verified by an Administrator in order to successfully enter the raffle. Items; Note: We'll be checking for cheaters before we draw, if caught, you will get disqualified and will not be refunded the items you entered with. The raffles will be drawn the last day of this month [18/8] Good Luck
  9. Denied, due to you are not and haven't been a dicer for months, until dicing was disabled, correct me if im wrong. Yes you're a previous staff on this server, the trusted gambler title also involves being knowledgable within the dicing rules of the server which i feel you haven't proven to the staff team/community quite yet. Feel free to apply again when you've got a rank you can dice with and when you feel like you've proven yourself to deserve this title.
  10. Papi

    Vindicta Mage Helm

    Message me next time you see me ingame
  11. Well, someone was up all night. Good changes, glad you made them, good job.
  12. Accepted, you'll have access to the title after the next update. ID is 700
  13. As an addition to the previous update: We've decided to add another money making method by spawning a bunch of even tougher NPC's deeper in the wilderness. We're hoping this will encourage people to go to the wilderness. Introducing "Undead One" These npcs will be located in the Mage Arena. To get here, simple talk to the "Pking Teleports" NPC at home, teleport to mage bank (or type ::magebank) and simply run up towards the arena. These NPC's will be quite tough to take on, they'll have high attack bonuses and somewhat high HP. Every 53 minutes a "Red Warrior" will spawn, this warrior is tougher and will drop 1.5B for each time it's killed. The Undead One will drop the following items; Magic Tokens (250,000), 100% Tormented Demons With this latest addition of Magic Tokens, we decided to add some kind of boss in the wilderness, that'd drop higher stacks of Magic Tokens and have a chance at dropping the Magic box. Locations can be seen below A Tormented demon will also be spawned at Supreme Zone. Magic Token Shop This shop is located at the ;;magebank area. This shop includes the following items (Currency - Magic Tokens): Dice Permit, 200M Blood Necklace, 150M Darklight, 25M Present, 100M Mystery Box, 30M Ring of Wealth, 75M Celestial Catalytic Staff, 100M Magic Box, 10M Introducing "Magic Box" Every item in the Magic Token Shop can be received in this box, the box goes for a lower price than what the items goes for, with luck on your side you might be able to catch the items for a cheaper price! In this box, you'll be able to get the brand new Scroll of Citius, we'll get back to this scroll further down in the thread. New Items & Gear Scroll of Citius; There's 2 version of this scroll, Mh (Main-handed) & Oh (Off-handed). These scrolls can be combined with the Elite Royal Court Rapiers In order to become Citius Sword & Off-hand Citius sword. Stats can be seen below These weapons may not have the highest stats, but it has 2x attack speed, which is what makes them better than the Elite Royal Court Rapiers. Blood Necklace; This item can be obtained from the Magic Token Shop or the Magic Box. This is going to be the new BIS amulet for melee (DPS-wise), which means it is going to be quite expensive. Note that this amulet will NOT have the healing ability as completionist amulet have. Stats can be seen below Minor changes: A bug with the Supreme Donator rank drop rate causing players without the rank to have a drop rate of 0, has now been fixed. Players have been compensated with doubled drop rate for 24 hours. Re-added the give up command to ironman players. Ironmen are now eligible to give up on the mode as they wish. Changed the Cursed Magic Logs price from 1,000,000 GP to 3,000,000 GP. Changed the Unholy-Cursebearers drop to 1,000,000 GP. Supreme Donators are now able to use the dice bag command. Regular Players are no longer able to use the Yell command. Regular Donators are now able to use the Yell command. Darklight was removed from Weapons Shop and buffed (13 -> 87 strength). Teletabs are no longer able to be used in Red Portal. Teleblock has been fixed and now works properly.