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  1. not too sure what new boss content will be, so I was wanting to save this thread for later. but recently I've noticed many non-donors struggling to achieve their next gear progression. something between vesta-obby armour, non-tokhaar, but a little better. a better cash making method, for these guys to work their way up to annihilations, decimations, rings, etc. also, being able to sell things to stores for a set amount of 100m tickets. like obsidian shards, etc. I know you guys work quite hard on updates, content, and i'm sure there is much more planned, and things already scheduled that we're not aware of, but I would like to see best in slot gear more obtainable for the non-donators, or at least something in the middle, plus a way for people with massive amounts of items to get rid of them without flooding the eco. I've also noticed people are talking about how skilling are non-rewarding other than the xp capes. I know onyx cutting has been de-buffed, and for good reason i'm sure. "money tree" might be something pretty cool to start off. or gold rocks, gold trees, something that can make skilling extra worth it. thank you all for your time.
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    people with maxed obby/whip are literally camping 5k+ bandos kills, because thats the best method for spellpower. I know most eradicators have 20-40 sets of full bandos in their banks just from grinding it for the spell power. new phone, who dis? and I'd love to see some of this content in-game.
  3. hello. my in-game name, and irl name is tyler. i'm 23 years old, and I am currently running for staff. things I will do- I will continue to help everyone I can, whether I get this or not. I enjoy helping others, as it gives me alternative things to do. I would much rather help someone get started, run them over a quick guide, and get them to stay and help this server grow, rather than watch them fail. i'm always up to helping everyone and anyone. thank you for your time, please cast your vote as you wish. and I understand, that if I turn out to be a horrendous staff member, at anytime I can become de-staffed, without warning.