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  1. More nonsense updates. It's been months since I charged back my money from this server, and Era still hasn't managed a real update. Economy is still so fucked you can't manage to fix it without adding repair costs to everything/well of xp nonsense.
  2. Was it fun? How long did it take?
  3. A few faults is an understatement. It isn't another gamemode when it has 1 restriction, and has a benefit for it. If you think 1 player giving away his bank will ruin the economy, then you are nuts. 0 offense intended, but its absolutely retarded to suggest that my minimal bank of ~200-300b would ruin the economy. You realize there are people with 50-100+ sets of bandos? with each piece being valued by the shop at 400-600m? Think about that for a minute. Think about how much gold value is in the economy right now just because of those who are on the bandos grind for obsidian spell power. It seems each time a high-up staff member opens their mouth, things get worse around here. I've had enough of it. I gave away all my bank, and have no intentions of playing again. Era should be worried. While it doesn't reflect clearly on this forum post, there are many other players who believe the same shit I've been saying these past couple days. They are literally too scared to speak up, because as with most RSPS, people love asskissing the staff. As for the bug. Let me give you a piece of advice you gave to me. "In real rs, ironmen can..." drop items. Blocking us from helping newer players/giving friends duplicates simply because the owner can't figure out how to stop people from farming obsidian armor on an ironman and giving it to a non-ironman is stupid af. It's also stupid af that irons even have access to the endgame bosses just because they are irons. Makes 0 sense that regular f2p accounts will never access it unless they pay to rent a status, or buy their own. With such little end game content, you'd think it'd be accessible to everyone regardless of if they are iron or not. Edit: As for your claim on irons donating, and me being a hypocrite. What item did I buy that gave me an advantage over another player besides the status (which is mandatory to access the fucking bosses)? I even hosted a few events, buying other people items from the shop to encourage more players/more donations. The deathdarts I bought gave me 0 items, as my luck is shit. And buying drygores was stupid as shit since they suck ass compared to the RCR set. I bought them purely for cosmetic purposes. Bought partyhats (cosmetic), bought a ring of wealth (doesn't do shit anyway), bought nex sets, which was again retarded since deathlotus/vestas is better anyway. Did you know I never bossed with those sets? Like legitimately never used them. I bought the torva/pernix purely for cosmetic purposes. Ask anyone who has seen me playing this past month. I'd stand at home with pernix/partyhat/divine/drygore rapier. Purely cosmetic for me. And I bought huge lamps for 400m hunter (last thing for 10b cape), since it was bugged and fucking terrible to do. I wouldn't have even bought the lamps if the skill was fixed and balanced. Watch your community. Every single person complains about the same skills over and over, yet nothing gets done about it. Hunter, farming, mining. All 3 are just terrible. Rates aren't consistent with the rest of the game, and good fucking luck on farming if you aren't an Ext Donor. I also bought mystery boxes, which essentially don't have shit in them besides money. "But sugondes, you gained money, thats an advantage", dude I'm an iron who shouldn't have been able to drop trade, how the fuck would it be an advantage? Most of mysteryboxes are full of lucky items (I completed SOF besides the lucky ZGS, prior to buying the mboxes), which are shit anyway. To top it off, the best lucky item, the lucky divine, doesn't even fucking work. Submitted that bug months ago, and it still hasn't been fixed. Odd considering all the owner does is fix bugs.
  4. In game. I pmed you asking when they were re-adding ::giveup. And we talked about why I wanted to give up. I told you this isn't the spirit of real ironman mode, and you told me irons can buy items on real rs. lmfao. It was my first day playing when I asked you. We talked about the shops in game, not donor shops. Although those are equally as bad. You told me they had no intentions on changing it, as it was fine as it was. Still remember my roommate and me playing wondering why the hell irons can buy everything. He gave up shortly after, and I just gave away my 200b+ bank, including all the party hats. It's a real shame they wouldn't just deiron my account and let me give it away. Instead I have to abuse a bug and drop trade it to myself with a new method... since Era patched the yak method.
  5. When The account was first created. Aren't you the forum mod? I may be mistaking you for the forum mod. Whoever the original forum mod is told me that irons are fine as is. If you are the forum mod, then remember me asking why ::giveup doesn't work? and you said why do you want to give up? And thats when we talked about irons having access to the shops.
  6. 1. Totally not trying to piss people off. Just want to discuss why nothing has been done with such a huge income of donations. What updates besides "Jenny" Boss have come out? Interface/stat changes/price changes aren't updates when they take <5 minutes to fix. Adding dummies that check max hit also take 5 minutes. I'm looking for genuine updates that actually took some time to develop. I understand that a real update isn't just going to come out of the blue, and that Era/Jenny have IRL priorities. I fully understand. I'm a pre-med student who does 18-21 heavy science units each semester, while working 2 jobs. Everyone has a story, and priorities they need to focus on. I'm saying if you are trying to run a server, you should have had time to make updates/get someone who can. If it's important, you'd make time for it. It feels like this server has been just a cash grab. A owner who puts out bug fixes/small enough interface & stat changes to keep people hopeful, and is pulling in tons of donations. I doubt he'd ever mention the exact amount, but I'm willing to bet my account that Era/Jenny have made over 2-5k USD on this server. Hosting a server costs money obviously. Hosting a smallish server doesn't cost 2-5k USD. I've also seen this "Selling a permanent +10% drop rate for 250-350 USD. PM ME on discord" multiple times by Era, each time being near the end of the month. Coincidence? Maybe. 2. Once you have obsidian/HM Trio weapons theres literally no point in farming items besides the economic purpose you've stated. I know multiple people with 50+ sets of bandos. This economy is so trashed already due to the mandatory obby spell power grind. Pets are cosmetics, and if we consider that end-game-content, then you might as well add other cosmetic things to that list such as collecting 1 of every armor (santa/assassin/etc) too, even if those sets are extremely difficult to get without IRL money. Does getting full santa count as content? It's honestly probably harder to get full santa (not the donor override) than full obsidian if you aren't willing to swipe your credit card. Does it being so rare make it real content? What about collecting every item on SOF? Is that real content? Because I've literally done that. I'm missing the lucky ZGS, but have managed every single other item you can get from the SOF. I enjoyed it, but when someone beats the game (10b/obby/HM trio), I don't suggest getting every item on SOF just because its content, and they might not have it yet. 2b. I'm an ironman. Collecting extra resources to be in some sort of economic advantage is a waste of time. I just give away all my extra stuff, as they have no real value. I've probably given away over 5k frosts/other useful resources to help newer players. Even when offered gold, I just drop trade it through the pack yak, and tell them I don't need gold. (I'm aware I could make an alt. But this economy is a joke. The only reason items are valued so high, is because there is a store to sell it to. If the store was removed, and literally everyone has ascensions, would they really still be worth 2b? Maybe if trying to sell to a new player who hasn't tried to get them yet, sure.) As for why you can't think of much else to do, its because there isn't anything. By the time you get 10b cape, you have already completed comp(t). Yet another great suggestion posted by I believe Andy? Make Comp(t), you know... Hard to get. As of right now you can buy the kiln cape, and don't even need to do the fight kiln. One of the few requirements can be bought with erad seals? Make it hard to do. Dont add stupid shit like 5k agility laps, but add some real requirements. Complete all 3 cyndrith quests, max out a tz whip, max out a lightning staff, score 25k on the dummy at home, etc. 2c. I'm an ironman. I finished 10b, and don't see the point in continuing the obby grind, as theres nothing left after that. As for Ironman mode, what a fucking joke. It isn't a challenge when the only restriction is not being able to trade. I can literally buy every 400m without a problem. I can even access the obby bosses, that a regular account wouldn't be able to. One real update era could do is fix ironman mode. I remember the day I started this server, I asked Fin if they were going to fix ironman mode. His response was "What's wrong with it?" and "Ironmen on real RS can access shops, so why wouldn't they be allowed to on here?" I told him the ironmen on real RS can't buy rune bars/herbs... Then he told me about how theres nothing wrong with ironmen being allowed to buy herbs/potions/food/gear/etc, so long as they can't buy end game gear. Completely ruined the mode for me. Immediately sent Era a message asking if he could revoke my iron status, as it was worthless unless you wanted to keep a slight DR increase. He told me he would readd the ::giveup as soon as he made it so Iron's couldn't just drop trade over obby gear. This never happened, if he did remove my status, I honestly would've quit by now. The only reason I haven't is hope, and having invested too much time/money into the server. Also, if Ironman mode was ever reworked, the people who are ironmen should be reverted. It isn't real ironman mode when you can donate for a divine spirit shield, and can access all shops. 3. I like your idea, but as its been going, we haven't had any updates. That's my problem. We've had one dead content boss be released, and a bunch of minor bug fixes/minor "updates" that took honestly less than 10 minutes to add in. Editing files #'s doesn't take effort/time at all. As for waiting 1-2 weeks, it's already been on that pace for the most part. Except, every 1-2 weeks we get a couple 10 minute fixes, instead of any real content. Like you said, the content doesn't have to be 100% PvM, but could be a little bit of everything. Minigames, skilling upgrades, PvP, etc. And Era has a life, we can't expect him to devote his life to the server. I have never asked him to. But as someone who is a student full time, working 2 jobs, and does all kinds of bullshit needed for a career in health (medicine/pharmacy/etc), I still manage to find time to do stuff I enjoy, such as play games/see my girlfriend/etc. Era said he is the one who did "95% of the updates", but everyone seems to be mixed on this. Some believe Jenny did it all, and others believe Era did it all. I also believe Era has hardly played RS at all. RS3 or OSRS. I've asked him some basic ass questions about the game, and he had no idea what I was talking about. Things like profound armor (castle wars), Kingly implings, etc. This + the fake accounts to boost player count + little to no real updates makes me think this server is just a money grab. As for Era/Jenny's stance on wanting to focus on bug fixes first; This should have been stated in a stickied obvious forum post. I'm willing to bet many players, including myself, wouldn't have donated the amount of money, or played the amount of time that we did if we would've known this server had no intentions of actually adding content, but wanting to "keep it like the original source, and just do bug fixes". A few people have mentioned that the updates shouldn't revolve around solely bug fixes, since as of right now there aren't any real gamebreaking bugs that need immediate attention.
  7. Was it Era's master plan all along, or was it a suggestion? Legit question, as I'm almost certain it was another player's idea. Posted tons of suggestions links, with many suggestions that don't require days of time, and would be real updates. The dung suggestion for example wouldn't take weeks to develop. It's a simple fix, as Dung right now is stupid boring and simple. you could literally add a few dung bosses that drop better tiered lamps/tokens. Very simple add, and has been requested multiple times, but still hasn't been seen in game. Add artifacts to revs to incentivize PVP, add Wildy bosses/wildy slayer, raids, 120 cape perks, etc. Granted the 120 cape perks might take longer than a day, the artifacts/dung update would take less than a few hours to complete. Artifacts is literally adding a few drops to each rev mob. Adding the dung bosses is literally making a boss or 2 spawn and drop higher tiered lamps for more effort. I can see the dung update causing issues, as it would be made too difficult for regular players to farm, and only full obby would be able to do it efficiently. But with full obsidian gear + vamp, you can afk dung. I could afk dung with vestas + vamp. I'd log in, pop overloads/renewals, put on SS and Vamp, and go play a different game for 20 minutes. Come back, pick up my lamps, and repot. Another simple update is adjust skilling rates. Why is 400m summoning a 20 minute skill, but 400m mining takes many hours? Why is there no consistency? I did my 10b, and I think there are a few skills that should be looked at. It took tons of complaining about the hunter movement bug to finally get an update. And I'm pretty sure the implings are only there in EDZ because of the amount I donated/bitching I had to do. You know what finally happened? Begged era to just come spawn some in EDZ and then it wouldn't be such an issue for players. He came to EDZ and spawned some, and now 400m isn't such cancer. If the movement bug can't be fixed at puro-puro, provide an alternative solution. Redirect the teleport to an empty field with spawned in implings. It would take 10 minutes to fix this common complaint, but it ended up taking weeks of people complaining instead. All servers have bugs. I've never met a player who logs into a RSPS and thinks it will be bug-free. Wanna know how I determine if the server is worth playing? I check the update logs/forum usage. If the forums are dead, and the update log is poor, i don't play it.
  8. Sounds good. You just said you don't want to focus on content that might be dead. Is this going to have BIS gear, or is it going to be aimed for medium players? It seems that "Jenny" boss was aiming for low-medium level players, but required high end obby gear to do it efficiently. This is what lead to the nerfing/rebuffing multiple times. Newer players want to do it, as it was a holiday event, but only the maxed obby could do it efficiently. So you nerfed it. Now obby guys have it easy, and tell you its too easy. So it gets rebuffed. Now newer players can't do it as efficiently, and its not worth the time/gold it takes. So its dead content again.
  9. Can you give an example or two as to what bugs would prevent new content from coming? Real gamebreaking bugs, not a herblore potion fix. Many servers do things differently. You mention a server that does nothing but bug fixes for 3 months. I've seen servers that do nothing but pump out real content for 3 months, then do a month of bug fixes. And when the new content is pumped out, its real content, not just another money sink/donor update. Why is every update PvM/BIS related? Never said that. Heres a couple threads that have many suggestions NOT STRICTLY PvM related: And these are just suggestions from the forums. I haven't even touched the discord/ingame suggestions. Actually go through and read the suggestions. There are many non-PvM or BIS related updates people would like to see that DO NOT involve the ideas of devaluing. As for dead content, how would you know? You haven't updated anything that would even have that as an option. Besides the Jenny boss, which is pretty dead content. I'm not trying to be a dick about it, so don't take it as that. I'm just putting this down on a page here to show Era that the "updates" we have gotten are piss poor for the amount of donations received.
  10. All servers have bugs. If they aren't gamebreaking, or pissing a lot of people off, then they shouldn't be looked at as a high priority. Why does "adding new content rather than fixing old content" mean adding 50 new bosses? Did you read the post at all? I said something like "go look at the suggestions on forums/discord and do that shit". It doesn't say anything about adding new bosses and better gear. If anything I said nerf the gear we have, so you aren't scared to add new PvM content later. Theres tons of suggestions that don't involve adding new bosses/BIS gear. It isn't hate mail. It's being real. Many players are saying all I do is bitch in game, and I should make a post about it. I made a post, and now you are saying its hate? I'm trying to show Era that the content we have received is very minimal in terms of actual programming. Editing stats/adding potion timers/etc/etc isn't updates. It's changing some # values in a file. After going through the whole update list again, its very clear the amount of time spent updating content since the relaunch is definitely under 100 hours. <100 hours of actual work/updating since relaunch months ago. I'm also being generous with that 100. MANY of the updates on the entire update log would take minimum time and effort to implement. I just want him to see how clear it is that essentially nothing has been done since relaunch. Like I mentioned earlier on, adding 50 little bug fixes doesn't constitute an update when it looks like: ▹ Added boss ratio to combat trio ▹ Added boss ratio to Seasinger ▹ Added boss ratio to Deathlotus ▹ Added boss ratio to Maximum Gradum ▹ Added boss ratio to Eradicator ▹ Added boss ratio to Blink ▹ Added boss ratio to Fear ▹ Added boss ratio to Necrolord ▹ Added boss ratio to Corporeal Beast ▹ Added boss ratio to Wildywyrm ▹ Added boss ratio to Avatar of Destruction ▹ Added boss ratio to Sea Troll Queen
  11. Era stated he does "95% of the updates". Jenny leaving would have no impact on him updating content if this was true. I never said adding real content takes 20 minutes. I said the content that has been added so far, has not taken long to add, as it isn't real content. It's very minor code.
  12. Here's a list of your major updates Era. Just read them aloud, tell me what took honestly more than an hour to actually develop. I seriously challenge you to find any updates that might've taken more than a day to complete. The entire update list looks really big, because you add a bullet point for literally every single sentence. For example: UPDATE LOG HEHE OMG: added perk 1 added perk 2 added perk 3 added perk 4 perk 1 costs $5 perk 2 costs $7 perk 3 costs $9 perk 4 costs $3 fixed potion 1 fixed potion 2 fixed potion 3 fixed potion 4. So I could see why you'd think you have done a lot. But in reality, nothing major has been added, and most of your update lists are basic bug fixes, or stat changes/item price changes. If your only excuse is "dude I was on vacation for xmas" then you are delusional. While were on the topic of stupid shit, whats your opinion on fake accounts boosting player count? Kong and Mercy, and many others. hiding around the server to make the player count go higher. Why not add a antiafk code. Something to kick people who have been afk for 1 hour without clicking. People said one of these accounts is your alt. You don't play it. It isn't an alt. It's an account that gets logged in to boost your player count. Stop lying about it, and own up to it. Here is your major updates from the entire update log. I have no life. I know, I don't really give a shit, this only took 20 minutes to do... Almost the same amount of time it took to add in most of these "updates". I've personally donated 350, and have seen many other huge donators. What are you doing with the money? Honestly. You send us a poll to advertise on the most used rsps site. I assume you can only afford 1 site then. What is taking all your money away? Where is it going? Cause it sure as shit isn't going into development. I can assure you that. I just ripped through all your bullshit updates. Update 10: Well of Good will, Cool. Literally found on any other server. Could easily find the source code for it. All you'd have to do is program in item values, and set values for the bonuses. Jenny boss has been made slightly harder to prevent AFKing, even though it takes hours worth of grinding to get 1 hour of the pet. Boss Interface changes. (This was in an earlier update. Adding shop prices was the only change. Skilling teleports. Cool more interface changes. Again, shouldn't take long to add since they were premade and you didn't develop or design anything. Task Tab (This was added in an earlier update, changing 1 small thing about it doesn't constitute an update). Upgrade Obsidian gloves. (This was actually nice to see. But it goes against what you said in your post. You specifically said you can't update things around obby, because it'll make it even more OP. Yet you did it here?) ROW slightly buffed, and world drop rate nerfed. Won't help the economy at all. Fixed broken teleports that weren't broken on the last update. Update 9 (WHOLE MONTH OF DECEMBER): Herblore bug fixes. Not an update, bug fixes should always be addressed. Patched banking while doing prayer/firemaking. Literally a 1 minute update. Changed prices on planks/herbs. another 1 minute update. Ironmen can't drop items via packyak. Great, now you force people to donate to access the best gear in the game, or grind forever and buy it from other donors. Rich get richer. Sucks to be a non-iron F2P, as you won't be able to do the end game obby bosses. Added Jenny. Let me remind you that when this came out, only 2 people were able to access the pets due to the huge time grind/gold sink it took to get tickets/buy the pet. (EVEN THOUGH THIS WAS THE "HOLIDAY EVENT". Not much of an event when only 2 people could do it). You eventually nerfed it, and rebuffed it, nerfed it again, and now rebuffed it again. Added ::Dr, this was cool. But again, shouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes to add. Maxhit dummy. Another 5 minute update. Implings now at EDZ. This was my suggestion, and the only reason it was added was because of how much people bitched about hunter being buggy. (Which BTW, is still not fixed). Changed price of rocktails. Weird flex but cool, I had 10k+ of them in the bank, so doesn't bug me. Added broad arrows as a money maker. Weird, but ok. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *At this point, I'm tired of just adding bug fixes, so I'll shorten those a bit, and only stick to major updates, if there are any* Update 8: Fixed a bug where pkers can still hit you from wildy course. not an update. This is a bug fix. Kick players whose lent ranks expire at a donor boss. Not an update. Just another bug fix. Couple more bug fixes, not going to bother posting because these should've been addressed regardless. Many people inform you on bugs through discord and forums. added logs because someone clearly was involved with duping or some other malicious activity. Added auto backup? this was also in update 9 or 10. So?? Was it ever in or? Update 7: Fixed zooming. Another bug fix. Changed stats on a special. Another 5 minute update. Macban has been added. Cool. Password encryption? Is this for real. Now that I'm re-reading these, I can't recall a single person getting hacked or losing access to their account. Update 6: removed pets from boss drop ratio. 2 minute update. Fixed a puropuro movement bug. (Still shitty to do hunter there). changed agility levels around for courses. 2 minute update. changed stats on comp cape. allowed ironmen to donate. Legit retarded. Irons shouldn't be allowed to buy gear from donor shop or from the fucking stores. Many irons have told you this isn't the spirit of ironman mode, and you guys don't give a shit. Biggest joke of a mode. added timers to potions. (This was like 6 lines of updates on your update log btw). Update 5: added a faster option for instances (great this should have been fixed immediately. But another 2 minute update). potion timers again? added highscores. Alrite, most of this update is update 6. Take a look for yourselves. Not even kidding. Update 4: bug fixes like adding stats to summoning 120 cape. removed party pete from fally as he is an npc shop in edz. 15 second update my guy. changed stats on ammy of fury (or) bug fix on agility multilap exploit. added a home tele to wildy course. (You know why this was needed? Because you don't like PVP. Tons of suggestions for PVP related content, and you say its great, but we can't because of custom weapon stats). Completely stupid, as pvp is dead af anyway. Changed stats on tz7 whip, 2 minute update renamed teleporter to teleport to home. I'm not even joking dude. The farther in I dive the worse these updates actually are. 10 seconds to change the fucking name. don't call it an update. Update 3: Added perks system (THIS IS FOUND IN SO MANY FUCKING SERVERS DONT TRY AND SAY YOU MADE THIS FROM SCRATCH. AND TO TOP IT OFF, ITS A DONOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATE. Literally nothing else besides adding ;;perks, and ;;donationperks commands. 5 minute week again huh? damn. Update 2: Auto claim votes. Wow, this is a necessity on every server. I doubt it took long to implement, but i'll give you some benefit of the doubt. Boss drop ratio. The thing that has managed to kill the economy. I personally like this update, because this is a private server, not real fkn rs. If i wanted to grind 1000 kills for 1 item, i'd go play real rs. Anti bot to thieving. This is terrible. Many people hate it, and you can't seem to make any changes towards it, even with the shear amount of hate for it. This entire update list, was adding boss ratios to all bosses, and adding anti afk to afk skilling. Great month here. Update 1: Added spawn commands?? Literally every server has this built in. Added ::npcdrops/::itemdrops. If I'm not mistaken, this took you to a shitty forum post that didn't even show drop rates? added the quest guy to the new home. Wow. That probably took a bit of doing. changed commands. Killer. If you've managed to actually sit down, and get real. I commend you. You have a server with so much potential, and you have personally profited so much from donations. Make fucking use of them and find a developer who will actually add in real updates. If you believe your server will survive as is, you are dead wrong. Theres a reason nobody plays dead servers/games. If LoL stopped updating, que times would be insane. Eventually people would give up and move on to the next game. Bug fixes =/= updates. Changing prices/stats =/= updates. Adding donator only store perks =/= updates. Go to your suggestions on discord/forums and add some real fucking updates.
  13. 1. I didn't say they were, but its clear that many updates have revolved around donor status. (I know. I donated $350. I know what the prices were, and how they have been hiked up over 50% on each item in a terrible attempt to preserve the economy). 2. A server is never finished. If it was, nobody would play it. There is no such thing as a thriving game that has 0 updates, it just doesn't exist. It's a joke to say that. People stay for updates. No updates = No players. Era. You clearly don't get what it takes to add new content. I've never said to add better gear. Not once did I ever say that. I said add content. Add updates people want. I don't have obby gear, because I don't fucking care for it. It's literally the last piece of content in this server. Once you get it and HM trio weapons you are done. Unless you feel like grinding 10k bandos kills to upgrade the obby gear. There is literally dozens of suggestions, most of which don't involve adding better gear, and you haven't added any of it. Don't blame the gear. If you can't add a new update because it'll make the gear too op, then you need to nerf the gear, or add stronger mobs. It's ridiculous how strong melee is compared to range/mage. Literally no point in ever using range/mage once you get full obby/elite rapiers. Smacking constant 1200-1500s is OP atm because there is NO NEW CONTENT. 3. I've played over 6+ months. I never once said you shouldn't be entitled to a holiday break. In the 6+ months I've played, you haven't done any significant update. Also, you get your staff in trouble for taking holiday breaks, but you are allowed to? Why was the staff team reset twice now? 4. 95% of what? You don't update anything. The suggestions page is filled with great updates, actual real updates. You don't seem to give a care about those. "Feeding yourself"????? I'm assuming you mean "I read them, and they are great, but I don't know how to code that". 6.? Your staff team is fine. They do what they are supposed to. You don't have any actual developers. You clearly need help as you aren't pumping out any new content. If you were the original owner from the old erad, you would have no trouble at all coming up with, or adding in new content to the server. If I would've known you had no intentions of ever adding real content, I sure as fuck wouldn't have donated $350+. If your only developer was Jenny, (who didn't add much), then you need help. Find a real developer. Use some donation money if you have to. Wasting all the donation money on advertising is a huge waste if you have absolutely no skill in coding. Anybody can go through some files and changes prices, or add impling spawns to the ::edz, or add a goodwell based on other servers codes. GET HELP. It's clear you aren't fluent in the programming language. As the only updates that have come out have been mainly ripped from other source codes, or basic ass interface updates that just require 15 minutes of changing some numbers and names around.
  14. Great suggestion. Lets see how long it takes to get ingame. Support.
  15. Apply many of the suggestions to the actual game. It's sad that its been so long without real updates. The only updates you manage to pump out are interface changes, donor store price changes (increases too wtf?), and economy preservation changes (which is already fucked). You have so many suggestions on this forum page, and nothing ends up happening. All these donations, and you can't manage to find someone else to help develop the server? I have a bad feeling that Jenny was the only real developer, and now that she wants to focus on irl stuff, the updates are only going to get fewer and worse (if thats even possible). Era you have a server with a lot of potential. Stop wiping the staff team every month, and get someone who knows how to develop actual updates. And stop falsifying your player count with all your fake "alt" accounts. These accounts like "Kong" have literally never moved for 6+ months. That isn't your alt account if you only use it to boost the player account/farm loyalty points. All these new fan boys on the server saying those who bitch about not getting updates should just leave, clearly haven't been playing long. Once you get 10b/obby gear/hm trio weapons you are done with the game. Literally nothing left to do but grind out bandos kills to upgrade the obby gear, or farm pets all day. OH Real quick! You have an economy problem, and you have tried selling a $250+ donor status of 5% and 10% permanent drop rate increase, not just once, but multiple times now. Do you really care about the state of your server, or are you just milking people for money? "Nobody bought it last time", does it matter? It was a thing. You actually tried selling a 10% permanent drop rate increase for 250-300 usd.