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  1. More nonsense updates. It's been months since I charged back my money from this server, and Era still hasn't managed a real update. Economy is still so fucked you can't manage to fix it without adding repair costs to everything/well of xp nonsense.
  2. Great suggestion. Lets see how long it takes to get ingame. Support.
  3. sugondes


    Ironmen have access to shops with literally everything you'd need in them. Ironman mode needs to be fixed, as this isn't the spirit of ironman. We can literally go buy 400m herb/smithing/everything without actually farming the resources.
  4. sugondes

    client issues

    make sure you are up to date on your java.
  5. sugondes

    Update #9

    " Perks will last for 24hours(xmas holiday event) " Again, its not much of a holiday event if only a few people can do it. The pet is permanent sure, I think theres like 3-4 people who can even access the shop. 250 tickets for 1 hour (granted it is refillable) is going to take a long time. " - adjusted pet perks price from 100 tix to 250 tix per hour " 250 tickets for 1 hour is way too high. Time yourself getting 250 tickets and see how long it takes. It seems like many updates are geared towards the 3-4 people who have maxed obby/tz whip, or maxed hm trio weapons, and have nothing else to do. These pets are great, but the lower lvl players won't be able to enjoy the benefits. The only ones who can with little to no effort are those who are already maxed gear.
  6. sugondes

    Update #9

    Its great, but its not much of an xmas event when only 2 people can actually buy the pet or have the tickets for use. ~25-250 jenny kills for 1 hour of the pet? Seems a little high.
  7. Hey guys, we need more events, and since I'm nearing 10b xp I thought I'd host one. So heres a decent, easy event for everyone who isn't maxed xp. The first 5 people to gain 1b xp, and can show screenshots of their xp gained, will win some prizes. No restrictions, I don't care what skills you train, but you need to gain 1b xp and the before and after picture of you gaining 1b total xp needs be be posted here. Ideally, post your screenshot with your initial total xp here, and post the final after you have achieved 1b total xp. I work this weekend, so if I don't get to it in time, I'm sorry. I'll be checking highscores too, so don't photoshop a fake. Prizes below: 1st: $20 donor package (If you already have extreme+, you can swap out for a partyhat of your choice) - CONGRATZ ANIMALS ON WINNING. 2nd: $10 donor package (if you already have donor+, you can swap out for anything $10 or below) CONGRATZ DogKicker4 on WINNING. 3rd: drygore set of your choice CONGRATZ Main on WINNING. 4th: Nex set of your choice CONGRATZ Survivor on WINNING. 5th: 1 Mysterybox CONGRATZ Me on 10b XP IF YOU ARE A WINNER, PLEASE POST THE NAME OF THE ACCOUNT YOU WANT THE PRIZE ON. ILL BE DONATING STRAIGHT TO YOUR THE ACCOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE. Yo thanks to those who did participate in this and the PvM event, next time will probably be a pvp event.
  8. I'm saying its being handed to us because irons should have to gather the resources themselves, not just go in a shop and buy it all. Permanent auras is too easy, but perma turmoil is ok? Nothing is hard on this server, just lame that it puts a time restriction on a crappier version of soulsplit, which could be 24/7 basically if your prayer is high enough.
  9. 1. was it a dupe or something? I barely joined like 2 weeks ago. I don't know what it was, I just don't wanna be an iron. 2. Nerf it a bit, but having to make them all seems like it took a while. 5. I've legit never seen someone there. nobody goes lmao. It takes way to long to 1v1 each zombie. I'm down for a boss that drops a ton of invasions tokens.
  10. But its not just given to us. it takes a while to earn 10k points to buy vampyrism. Besides gear, literally everything else is handed to us. skilling has no benefits besides earning a new cape because its all just handed to us. : / Its the reason I don't even wanna be an iron anymore. I figured its just a pvm focused server since all skilling supplies are given to us from the start of the game. Things like summoning aren't even a gold sink, since everything is so cheap. I'm all for making things a bit harder. Bosses could drop the skilling supplies if necessary.
  11. Hey guys, I have a lot of suggestions since we are all adding them: Add Dragon imps/Kingly imps to the super zone. It'll give another incentive to donate, and will help fix hunter for donors. Current hunter is buggy, and needs to be fixed. Add the other altars for rcing. Runespan is lame. Lots of skills in this game are extremely fast, but rcing seems to be one of the few that isn't. Maybe double the amount of runes/xp gained from regular rcing. Add agility tickets for donors+. A ticket is gained every full lap of an agility course. These tickets could be used to buy full agile/graceful, or be spent on agility xp. Add more comp(t) reqs. Nothing like 5k laps run, but maybe other tasks, such as all bosses killed, 500 logs burned, 500 logs chopped, etc. Add overrides if possible? I've seen some servers with dragonkeepsake keys, and you can add 1 item from each slot into the key, and use it as a cosmetic override. Add Pet Overrides/Pet Insurance - Let us use our pets as skins for familiars, or let us insure them so we don't lose them Add the better 120 cape models. Either add these over the current ones, or make them the 400m equivalent of the cape. Add OSRS items. One server I saw had all the rs3 content, as well as all the osrs content. the osrs content was much more difficult, but had the better stats. For instance, we had glacors for the steads/glaviens/ragefires, but we also had the boss cerberus which dropped primordials, pegasians, and eternal boots. We also had access to bosses like zulrah, and raids 1 from osrs. Add wildy bosses/wildy keys/rev artifacts. Again, I don't see any pking in this server besides duels, and I'm not a top tier pvper myself. But the risk/reward scenarios are insanely fun for me and a few others I've talked to. Besides adding rev artifacts, they should add wildy bosses/wildy keys system. The key system worked basically like this: all mobs in the wildy can drop wilderness keys (5-7 different keys total), depending on which color you got, you'd have to go dig at a specific location in the wilderness. Once dug, you'd become skulled, and a boss would spawn (the boss would depend on the key you used), and you'd have to kill it. Once killed you'd receive 25m+ and a random chance at some items such as hybrid gear, 3rd age tools, etc. Please add in ::giveup again. Make the Invasion multi combat. I've only been playing like 2-3 weeks, but its dead content atm. Having to kill each zombie 1 by 1 is just too slow and inefficient. People would rather just attack the dummy at home, and call it a day. Make stews from SOF great again. I didn't know about the system of making them into rocktails and selling them for invasion tokens, but I don't see why it was removed. It seems like that was a real struggle to have to add in rocktails and cook them all just to sell to reroll on SOF. Also, remove the (1) overload from the rare drop table... Extremely lame drop. Add a SOF shop. Hear me out. I've won multiples of many items on SOF. Instead of just constantly blowing all invasion tokens on more spins, let us sell the duplicates to a shop, and receive some new currency (minimal amount, you shouldn't be able to trade in a lucky dragon 2h for a lucky divine), and then be able to buy the lucky item you actually want. Add in the other lucky items, like lucky chaotics, lucky garbs, other cool items from SOF/treasure hunter (depending on the version of the source). Add Dungeoneering bosses. Dungeoneering was one of the worst skills hands down. Insanely boring, and by the time you are grinding 400m, you've gone way beyond the chaotics in terms of gear. You could add in 3 new bosses (1 for each combat), and they could drop tier 90/99 dungeon gear, as well as bigger dung lamps. Add other bosses/raids. We still have plenty of gear to go through, such as raids gear (rs3/osrs), raids 2 gear (osrs), noxious items, tier 92 gear, etc. This could be done through hardmode versions of the bosses, or additions like previously mentioned. Make Melee not the 100% best method for literally everything. Do whatever it takes, but make mage/range viable as well. Currently its like we just use range/mage to get better melee gear. Make auras last forever/reactivatable. This is a private server, its crazy that we even have to recharge auras at all. They aren't that busted. Add Feathered arrow shafts/Dragon dart tips/Dragon arrowheads to Ext Zone. So many easy skills, but fletching is one of the more tedious ones since you have to make the arrow shafts yourself. Let us trade in $100 equivalent for Eradicator. Currently its $100 on shop, or by combining 3 supers ($120). I currently don't want to upgrade past super because I'd be wasting $20 that could be donated for something else/spent on irl stuff. Make all skills 120. This would be more of a project than any other suggestion. A server like this, with 400m xp requirements, and 10b capes, and many customs, should have all stats up to 120. This would allow for more content to be added without completely ruining other content. One argument I know will be posted for this is that it'll make everything below lvl 120 much easier. It currently already is. People with maxed obby/whip are literally camping 5k+ bandos kills, because thats the best method for spellpower. I know most eradicators have 20-40 sets of full bandos in their banks just from grinding it for the spell power. The new bosses/raids could be set for higher stats. Eventually the gear is going to get to a point where it can't get any better without devaluing other gear. Add 120 cape perks - I've seen this on many servers, and they could really be awesome to have. For example, Having 120 agility would let you have unlimited run energy. 120 slayer would let you pick your slayer task. in one server I played, 120 runecrafting cape let you have unlimited runes while wearing it, 120 hunter let you catch double chins (black chins were good money on that server), 120 prayer let you have a bigger prayer bonus so it wouldn't drain so fast. I can post more if needed. You were also able to add 3 120 capes to your comp cape (t) to get your favorite 3 perks added to it. Fix Zammy Spear - Not sure if this has been posted/fixed yet, but when I first started the zammy spear didn't have the correct attack styles, so killing corp was only viable through safespotting. I haven't won a lucky z spear yet, but that one might have the correct attack styles. Give us a new way to earn DTDs. The only viable method atm is by mass buying all tokens from other players and collecting a ton of darts for the obby bosses. add the death touched dart to the seal shop, and make them 1k each or something. (5k total here, but I also don't have the auto seal pick up, or max gear for grinding out spell power). Add Well of Goodwill - This could also award the triple xp for 1 hour at a cost of like 1-10bill? As a community we could pitch in and get an hour of triple xp. Also a great money sink. Community Events - This is more of a support/mod type of thing. But there could be hosted events for the community every weekend. Things like 1 hour each day of the weekend for double drops or something. Hide n seeks, trivias, etc. Something for the community. Currently it feels like all any of us do is grind drops/xp. Theres no masses, no events (besides giveaways) or anything. Maybe I'm on at an awkward hour seeing as i'm PST, but damn we need some stuff to bring the community together. If you've managed to read all of these, I am shocked. Let me know what you guys think. Maybe just add the title of the suggestion you want to discuss, since there is a lot.
  12. In-Game Name Sugondes Age 22 Where are you from? California Time Zone PST (opposite of server time) What position are you applying for? Supp How many hours do you spend daily in-game? 4+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team? I want to be able to kick people when they need help. Why should we choose you over others? I'm on an awkward time schedule. Diversify your staff timezones. I also don't abuse the shit out of ingame mechanics, and have already made some suggestions, but have many more to add. My semester ends in 2 weeks, so I can play more then. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: Continue helping newbies, and be able to kick people who get stuck/nulled. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: Yes: I (name here), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. yes.
  13. You said it perfectly. Its high risk high reward. Im fairly new, so I dont know how stats and items are, but in the past server there was 3-4 clans who had like 4-5 serious pkers jn max gear constantly fighting for access to this zone. One clan in particular wasnt as good, so they constantly donate for more gear to try and go reclaim the cave. Another thing that made jt risky was that server had bounty hunter. So you knew when someone in your level range entered the cave and you knew there name. So you would know if it was a friendly or a foe. I personally like it how it is atm with no bounty hunter target system. It makes it more suspenseful.
  14. Sure. I dont think it should be faster than donator stuff. Im open to editing or tweaking it. Its not like you should be getting 250m constantly. I believe on that other server it was fairly rare. Like maybe 1 dropped every 3 hours or so with a clan constantly camping the revs. Pvp is an extremely fun aspect. The awful feeling of having 15+ artifacts and being rushed by a team is super fun.
  15. Hey guys, I'm new to the server, and loving it so far. Haven't seen much pvp as of yet. One method for increasing pvp, and making gold at the same time would be to add the artifact drops from revenents. This would allow a huge risk to those trying to farm money/pvp gear, and add another money making method to the game. Obviously balance the coins/droprates to be more fit with the economy. But this is a great easy addition to make pvp somewhat viable. Let me know what you think. Image Artefact Value Broken statue headdress 1M coins Third age carafe 2M coins Bronzed dragon claw 5M coins Ancient psaltery bridge 10M coins Saradomin amphora 15M coins Bandos scrimshaw 20M coins Saradomin carving 35M coins Zamorak medallion 50M coins Armadyl totem 75M coins‎ Guthixian brazier 80M coins Ruby chalice 90M coins Bandos statuette 100M coins Saradomin statuette 125M coins Zamorak statuette 150M coins Armadyl statuette 175M coins Seren statuette 200M coins Ancient statuette 250M coins