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EradicationX - Reborn
Cedico Qc

Price Guide

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 Price Guide for Eradication X Reborn


GodWars Dungeon



Armadyl: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]



Armadyl Helmet: 50m (50m) [14%]

Armadyl Chestplate: 200m (200m) [14%]

Armadyl Chainskirt: 200m (200m) [14%]

Armadyl Buckler: 10m (10m) [14%]

Armadyl Boots: 10m (10m) [14%]

Armadyl Gloves: 10m (10m) [14%]

Armadyl Hilt: 500m (500m) [10%]

Armadyl GodSword: 600m (600m)

Swift Gloves: 175m (50m) [8%]

Dominion Crossbow: 400-500m (100m) [5.5%]



Bandos: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]



Bandos Helm: 300m (300m) [14%]

Bandos Chestplate: 250m (250m) [14%]

Bandos Tassets: 250m (250m) [14%]

Bandos Warshield: 5m (47,000) [14%]

Bandos Boots: 10m (10m) [20%]

Bandos Gloves: 10m (10m) [14%]

Bandos Hilt: 200m (200m) [10%]

Bandos GodSword: 300m (300m)

Goliath Gloves: 175m (50m) [8%]



Saradomin: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]



Saradomin’s Hiss: 50m (40m) [14%]

Saradomin’s Murmur: 50m (20m) [14%]

Saradomin’s Whisper: 120m (100m) [14%]

Saradomin Hilt: 400m (400m) [10%]

Saradomin GodSword: 400m (500m)

Spellcaster Gloves: 175m (50m) [8%]

Dominion Staff: 100m (40m) [5.5%]



Zamorak: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]



Subjugation Hood: 100m (50m) [8%]

Subjugation Garb: 100m (50m) [8%]

Subjugation Gown: 100m (50m) [8%]

Subjugation Boots: 100m (50m) [10%]

Subjugation Gloves: 100m (50m) [10%]

Zamorak Hilt: 300m (300m) [10%]

Zamorak GodSword: 400m (400m)

Dominion Sword: 100m (100m) [6%]





Nex: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]



Torva Full Helm: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Torva Platebody: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Torva Platelegs: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

OS Torva Platebody: 1.5b (2,400k) [1%]

OS Torva Platelegs: 1.5b (10m) [1%]

Pernix Cowl: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Pernix Body: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Pernix Chaps: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Zaryte Bow: 800m-1b (200m) [25%]

Virtus Mask: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Virtus Robe Top: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]

Virtus Robe Legs: 1-1.5b (400m) [12%]



Combat Trio



Copyright: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]

Virtus Wand: 4b (1,600m) [1.3%]

Virtus Book: 3b (800m) [1.3%]


Fatal Resort: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]

Royal Court Rapier: 3-4b (800m) [1.3%]

Royal Court Rapier Off-Hand: ~8b (2147m) [1.3%]

Something: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]

Ascension Crossbow: 3b (800m) [1.3%]

Ascension Crossbow Off-Hand: 3b (1,400m) [1.3%]



Maximum Gradum: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]

Frost Dragon Bones: 100k (65k) [100%]

Eradicated Seals: 100k (25k) [100%]


Blink: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]


Dragon Claws: 250m (150m) [2%]

Drygore Longsword (Sheathed): XXX (100,000) [1.2%]

Drygore Longsword Off-Hand: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Rapier: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Rapier Off-Hand: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Mace: 1b (200m) [1.3%]

Drygore Mace Off-Hand: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Razer Whip: 1b (60m) [1.2%]

Firebrand Bow: 1b (24m) [1.2%]


Fear: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]


TzHaar Whip 1:  500m (100m) [2%]

Lightning Staff 1: 500m (100m) [2.1%]

Arcane Stream Necklace: 400-500m (250m) [3%]


Necrolord: Trade Price (Shop Price) [Drop Rate]


Necromancer Hood: 100m (15,000) [4%]

Necromancer Robe Top: 100m (120k) [4%]

Necromancer Robe Bottom: 100m (80k) [4%]

Armadyl Battlestaff: 60m (60m) [4%]

Berserker Ring: 10m (5m) [6%]

Warrior Ring: 5m (5m) [6%]

Seers’ Ring: 10m (5m) [6%]

Archer’ Ring: 10m (5m) [6%]


Corporal Beast: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


*Scarlet Spirit Shield: 10b (2,000m) [5%]

*Divine Spirit Shield: 1b (800m) [12%]

*Elysian Spirit Shield: 0.6-1b (600m) [14%]

*Arcane Spirit Shield: 0.5-1b (400m) [16%]

*Spectral Spirit Shield: 0.5-1b (400m) [18%]

Holy Elixir: 500m (500m) [33%]

Spirit Shield: 100m (100m) [73%]

*Price above take in consideration the spirit shield is already made and include holy elixir and basic spirit shield


Wildywyrm: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Greater Demonflesh Body: 200m (200m) [1.3%]

Greater Demonflesh Legs: 200m (200m) [1.3%]

Greater Demonflesh Glove: 200m (200m) [1.3%]

Greater Demonflesh Boots: 200m (200m) [1.3%]


Avatar of Destruction: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]

Dragon Claws (Rs3 type): 250m (67,500) [1%]


Sea Troll Queen:  Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Zuriel’s Staff: 50m (10m) [9%]

Zuriel’s Hood: 50m (10m) [8%]

Zuriel’s Robe Bottom: 50m (10m) [7%]

Zuriel’s Robe Top: 50m (10m) [6%]

Morrigan’s Coif: 50m (10m) [8%]

Morrigan’s Leather Chaps: 50m (50m) [7%]

Morrigan’s Leather Body: 50m (50m) [6%]

Amulet of Fury: 27m (27m) [6%]

Amulet of Fury (or): 100m (20m) [5%]


Seasinger: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Sea Singer’s Headband: 1b (400m) [1.2%]

Sea Singer’s Robe Top: 1b (400m) [1.2%]

Sea Singer’s Robe Bottom: 1b (400m) [1.2%]


Death Lotus: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate] 


Death Lotus Hood: 1.5-2b (400m) [1.3%]

Death Lotus Chesplate: 1.5-2b (400m) [1.3%]

Death Lotus Chaps: 1.5-2b (400m [1.3%]


ROTS: Trade price (Shop price)


Malevolent energy: 1b (1gp)

Shipwrecker Trident: XXX


Jenny: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


1 Paramaya Ticket:  5-10m (2,500k) [100% 1-10 tickets]

200 Paramaya Tickets: 1-2b (500m) [3%]

500 Paramaya Tickets: 2.5b-5 (1,250m) [1%]


Eradicator: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Abyssal Whip: 30m (15m) [25%]

Trickster Helm: 1b (40m) [2%]

Trickster Robe Bottom: 1b (40m) [2%]

Trickster Robe Top: 1b (40m) [2%]

Trickster Gloves: 1b (40m) [2%]

Trickster Boots: 1b (40m) [2%]

Vanguard Helm: 1b (40m) [2%]

Vanguard Body: 2b (60m) [2%]

Vanguard Legs: 2b (60m) [2%]

Vanguard Gloves: 1b (60m) [2%]

Vanguard Boots: 1b (60m) [2%]

Battle-mage Helm: 1b (400k) [2%]

Battle-mage Robe Top: 1b (500k) [2%]

Battle-mage Robe Bottom: 1b (400k) [2%]

Battle-mage Gloves: 1b (10k) [2%]

Battle-mage Boots: 1b (10k) [2%] 


Hairy monkey: Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Annihilation: 6b (2147m) [1.1%]

Decimation: 8b (2147m) [1.1%]

Ring of the Gods: 5b (800m) [1.1%]

Treasonous Ring: 8b (1400m) [1.1%]

Tyrannical Ring: 5b (800m) [1.1%]


Skill-shot (Wildy boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]

Frostbite Dagger: 15-20b (6k) [1.3%]

Scythe: 4-5b (1gp) [1.3%]

Rainbow Afro: 5b (1gp) [1.3%]


Donator Bosses



General Khazard (Regular donor boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Tokhaar Warlord Helm: 1b (0gp) [1.2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Chestplate: 1b (0gp) [1.2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Platelegs: 1b (0gp) [1.2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Gloves: 1-2b (0gp) [1.2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Boots: 1-2b (666gp) [1.2%]


Warped gulega (Extreme donor boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Drygore Longsword: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Off-hand Drygore Longsword: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Rapier: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Defender: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Mace: 1b (200m) [1.2%]

Off-hand Drygore Mace: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Helm: 1b (0) [2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Chestplate: 1b (0) [2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Platelegs: 1b (0) [2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Gloves: 1b (0) [2%]

Tokhaar Warlord Boots: 1b (666) [2%]

Lava Partyhat: 5b (200k) [2%]

Dragon Claws: 250m (150m) [2%]

Bandos Godsword: 300m (300m) [2%]

Firebrand Bow: 1b (24m) [2%]


Sunfreet (Super donor boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


Spellcaster Gloves: 175m (50m) [2%]

Scarlet Spirit Shield: 10b (2,000m) [1.2%]

Drygore Longsword: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Off-hand Drygore Longsword: 0.5-1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Rapier: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Defender: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore Mace: 1b (200m) [1.2%]

Off-hand Drygore Mace: 1b (300m) [1.2%]

Drygore longsword Sheathed: 1b (100k) [1.2%]

OS Torva Platebody: 1b (2,400k) [1.2%]

OS Torva Platelegs: 1b (10m) [1.2%]


Obsidian king (Eradicator boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]


*Obsidian Shard: 20-30b (1gp) [1.3%]

Enchanting Potion: 5b (250gp) [2.1%]

Eradicator Potion: 50m (25m) [3.4%]

*Obsidian boots, gloves and all 3 helms require 1 obsidian shard, Platelegs 4, Chestplate 5 and Kiteshield 2.



Jad (Eradicator boss): Trade price (Shop price) [Drop rate]



Enchanting Potion: 5b (250gp) [2.1%]

Eradicator Potion: 50m (25m) [55%]

*Obsidian boots, gloves and all 3 helms require 1 obsidian shard, Platelegs 4, Chestplate 5 and Kiteshield 2.






Note: Some drops might not be listed due to low prices.


Others armor/weapon: (Shop price)


Vesta Chainbody: 250-500m (40m)

Vesta Plateskirt: 250-500m (40m)

Vesta Longsword: 200m (40m)

Statius Platebody: 200-300m (20m)

Statius Platelegs: 200-300m (20m)

Statius Helm: 200m (250k)

Ragefire Boot: 100-200m (40m)

Glaiven Boot: 300-400m (50m)

Steadfast Boot: 300-400m (80m)

TzHaar Whip 7: 20-22b (7k)

Upgraded Dragon Claws: 3-4b (24m)

Blazing Flamberge: 50-60b (24m)

Quickfire Crossbows: 12-15b (100gp)

Ring of Wealth: 10b (17,625gp)

Ganodermic Visor: 150-200m (100k)

Ganodermic Puncho: 150-200m (100k)

Ganodermic Leggings: 150-200m (100k)

Obliteration: 30-40b (2,100m)

Obliteration Off-Hand: 30-40b (50k)

Chaotic weaponry: 150m (40m)

Korasi's sword: 200m (120m)

Slayer helmet: UNTRADEABLE (650gp)


Rare or cosmetics: (Shops price) 


Yellow Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

Red Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

Blue Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

Purple Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

Green Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

White Partyhat: 20-30b (1gp)

Mystery Box: 5b (1gp)

Green Hween Mask: 10b (15gp)

Red Hween Mask: 10b (15gp)

Blue Hween Mask: 10b (15gp)


Currency: Street Price (Shop price)

Eradication Seals: 100k (25k)

Vote Tickets: 50-60m (25gp)

Invasion Token: 1-2m (200k)


Ranks: Street price (When Destroyed)

4047e8e070a506d2e456a138610524b3.pngRegular Donator: 15b (6.5b)

651beb6c098c2bef6c732543ae7721b8.pngExtreme Donator 30-35b (16.5b)

77b73d60f9d9e9a09a9b1a983c6bc1bd.pngSuper Donator 60-70b (26b)

548c5636d5cb00b7585f69417bb80b11.png'Eradicator 180-200b (82.5b) 

Dicer: N/A (N/A)



Worked a lot to get this done with the community and staff members, took a pretty long time to make something really complete, accurate and easy for everyone to refer to. 

Also, all prices have been determined by demand & supply, in-game existence and stats which is quite fair for knowing an items value.

Hope you enjoy it.

Your dear, Mr Cedico.


If you don't agree with some price which you found very very not accurate, hit me up in-game, in comment or in discord and I'll look at it and edit.



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