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EradicationX - Reborn
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New Developer and Future Updates

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We've acknowledged the feedback we've gotten based on the recent updates, and we're hoping to fix that rather soon. To do this, we'd like to give you guys some information about what's to come, so you have some idea about what we're planning on doing. 

New Developer:
As expected, we're actively trying to improve ourselves and the Staff Team in general. Whether that'd come down to the Administrative, Development, Forum or Server Team, we're all trying our best to actively improve ourselves, the Team and most importantly; the server - EradicationX. 
And with that being said...

We'd like to welcome @Habitat in as our new Developer. He will mainly be focusing on our content, meaning he'll both be reviving and adding in new content. This way we'll hopefully be able to get content updates without having any bugs to bother. 

He will be working on numerous things such as content for those who are new, in the middle and at the end-game content. Here's only a handfull of updates you can expect to come from this guy - There's a lot more to come.

  • Custom Dungeoneering
  • Reviving dead content (bosses, minigames etc...)
  • New tiers below and above Elite Obsidian
  • Possibly OSRS and RS3 content (Zulrah, Raids etc...)
  • Group Bosses and Minigames
  • Functioning Dyes 

Note: These are not guaruanteed updates, things can change but these are expected to come. This is also just a small part of things we're planning on adding, so expect much much more. 

Website Changes:
We've hired a website developer who's going to be focusing on the graphical parts on the website. That means you can expect seeing some changes to both the website and possibly the forums. 
Things you can expect from this is:

  • New homepage
  • New Vote site
  • New Highscore page
  • New Store Site

Hopefully you'll be amazed with his work too. 


Got any suggestions as to what content you'd like to see, be sure to leave a note on the Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on discord. 
Got any feedback on our current Staff Team then feel free to leave some Here, to help us improve even more!

I hope you guys are just as excited as we are with this new change! 

EradicationX Staff Team.

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Very glad to know era is not doing it all himself as it can amount to a ton of pressure. Hopefully the community has more hope and faith in the staff team, and especially the development team now. I'm excited for the future of the server overall. Welcome habitat !

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Welcome @Habitat, I believe you and @Era will add and create some really nice and unique content for the community to look forward into. 

All of the potential content additions sounds very nice and I'm eager to see what will come out on the other end.

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Welcome @Habitat to the team, hope you do well and make some great content. 




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