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EradicationX - Reborn
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Addressing Advertising

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It has been brought to our attention that some people have decided to advertise for EradicationX beyond voting. This meaning, they've been spreading our server/forum links on other RSPS's and peoples Direct Message's. 

Although we appreciate the intention of advertising our server, we do not want you to do it. We are not going to be respecting or supporting any advertisement done for our server unless it's done through voting or by inviting a friend. We are not tolerating any form of advertisement of our server on any other RSPS or Forum.

Why do you not want us to advertise like that?
The reason we don't want you to be advertising on another RSPS/Forum, is because we'll (the server) become a victim of DDoS threats and it's very disrespectful to other server owners. We do not want for them to come and advertise on our server, so we will not give them a reason to. We're not wanting to go into a war, we simply want to grow our server and community in the correct way and manner. We're wanting to do it peacefully, therefore we ask you NOT to advertise on any other server or forum. 

Want to advertise for EradicationX?
Please refer to the Vote Site or invite a friend that you've known, refrain from advertising on another RSPS or Forum.


For the better good of the server, DO NOT advertise for our server on another RSPS.

EradicationX Staff Team.

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