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Introducing Helper

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Due to the ridiculously high powers Server Supporter has, especially considering it's the first staff rank you'd get after being accepted. We've decided to add a trial rank, as you probably read in the title, this rank will be referred to as 73ec9fbf31cffeeb539bbe4828eb39e8.png;Helper. This rank will pretty much be a trial for the staff to see whether you'd be what we're looking for in a Server Supporter or not.

The purpose of this rank is basically to do what it's named after, to help people around the server, it can be anything from helping a player by price checking to guiding a player on how to appeal a punishment.

The obligations that follows is pretty similar to the ones the Server Supporter role has (excluding the matters that'll require the additional commands you'd have as a Support), which means you'd basically be doing what you can with the powers you're given to prove that you'll make a decent support.

This does not change how things are running, the only change will basically be that the new staff to come will start their staffing career on this server as a Helper instead of a Server Support.

:Sloth: May the force be with you, always :Sloth:

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