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EradicationX - Reborn
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EradicationX Sponsorship

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EradicationX Sponsorship

The administration have decided to add in a new rank called "Sponsor" which will be given to those who wish to sponsor EradicationX. A sponsor would basically help give the server a more monthly stable donation so that we can afford more Advertisement - leading us to get more players and activity. 

What is a Sponsor?
A sponsor is basically a donator but to a deeper level. A sponsor donates a certain amount on a monthly basis to help pay for the costs of Advertisement, VPS and YouTuber's. 


What about the other donations?
The other donations aren't being ignored and are always very much appreciated. We're doing no changes to what happens with the donations, they're going straight to the aforementioned purposes. Donations are highly appreciated, but sponsors are donators who gives the server a stable monthly income. 


What are the benefits of being a Sponsor?
Aside from receiving a super cool custom icon in-game (luwEoOi.png), these are the things exclusively given to Sponsors. 

  • Custom in-game and Forums rank (luwEoOi.png). 
  • Eligible to preview planned and future content.
  • Eligible to test the content before it's been released to the public.
  • Access to give opinions on what you think we should add, change or remove (basically helping us improve the updates). 
  • Ability to transform into any NPC in-game. 
  • Ability to perform any Emote in-game. 
  • Eradicator Donator.

The cost of the rank will also be added to your total donation for every month. Meaning you can reach Hero and possible future ranks!


How much does this cost?
To receive this rank, you need to pay monthly. Meaning you will have to purchase the rank over and over, until you wish to stop. This rank lasts for one month, unless otherwise is discussed. 

The rank costs $150 the first month, and thereafter it'll be decreased to $70 a month. 
To obtain this rank, contact one of the Owners.

Note: Prices may be negotiated in terms of addition/removing of benefits. 

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