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EradicationX - Reborn


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  1. 1. What changes would you like to see made?

    • Nothing, keep it the same way it is!
    • Lower the cost of the dicing rank and add more options!
    • Remove the dicing rank and let us host using in-game currency!

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Greetings community,

This announcement & poll is going to be regarding different forms of Gambling on EradicationX. If you didn't know already, the administration team have temporary disabled dicing and any other form of gambling (except duelling and risk fighting) due to it driving away most of our players away. Now the question we're asking is... what form of gambling is most wanted by the community, and what can we do to most of the players happy?

This poll is quite simple, vote for whichever you'd like and maybe even leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did. 


The options:

  • Cost of the Dicer Rank:
    We could lower the cost of the dicing rank and adding more options for the dice hosts (hosting flower games & dicing games). The rank would go from $100 to $25 and would not be tradeable in any way.
  • Removal of Dicer Rank:
    We could completely remove the dicing rank and let the players gamble as they wish. Meaning, mithril seeds and dice bags would be obtained through in-game currency. (An npc would sell dicing bag and mithril seeds for GP). 

    Note: with this option comes a lot of more scams.
  • We do NOTHING:
    We could also just let it be the way it currently is. The dicing rank being priced $100, the hosts being able to host dicing games to regular players, whilst being able to both dice and do flower games with other hosts. And the rank is untradeable for 3 months after its purchase/transfer. 
    This means the amount of ranks will be short, there will not be too many hosts.

------- There is currently no ETA as to when we're bringing gambling back to the server -------

Please note that if any changes are done with the dicing rank's price or if we remove it, the hosts will get refunded in store credits. 


EradicationX Administration Team. 

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I do not Gamble so this is irrelevant to me, however great options for those that enjoy it. I am very pleased with the updates and commitment shown to improve the server & trying to please as many members as possible. Well done!!!!

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