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EradicationX - Reborn

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Due to incidents regarding the YouTuber rank, where people would abuse the rank to their own benefits, we're now increasing the requirements to obtain the rank.

Sadly our YouTuber's have been abusing their rank to benefit their alternative accounts, like using their YouTube account to kill bosses whilst picking up loot on alternative accounts - and that's of course not tolerated.

Due to this reason we're making these changes:


  • Must be well known within the community.
  • Must have a minimum of 100 subscribers.
  • Videos must be of quality (meaning not talking to the viewers using in-game chatbox). 
  • Must not create the same repetitive boring videos (such as loot from 100 bandos). 
  • The video's length should be a minimum of 2 minutes. 
  • If streaming, the length should be a minimum of 25 minutes. 

Benefits of the YouTuber rank:
- $5 per video/stream with a cap of $20 a week. 
- Receives spawned items for video purposes. 

More information about the rank can be found here.

If interested in the rank, please contact the Head Executive, Co-Owner or Owner. 

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