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EradicationX - Reborn

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As the decreased playerbase is nothing to hide, we've decided that we're going to do a relaunch of the server, rather than just releasing the highly awaited update. 

The relaunch will conclude a much bigger update other than Raids, and will be expected to be released in 6 weeks. Until then, no advertisement will be bought and no updates will be released until we do that relaunch. That means that the server remain the current playerbase, and possibly keep dropping until the update is out. 

Why has it taken so long?
We're deeply sorry for the amount of time we've spent on this update, and sadly, it's all due to technical difficulties. We're creating our own custom raid, which takes a long time to make, and we need to make sure everything is working flawlessly, not to mention that we need to create ideas (which takes time) before it's even put into development. And well, we've only got one developer, which slows down the work by a lot. 

What will happen on the Relaunch?
We will be releasing a very content packed update - Raids, Wilderness, Early & Mid-game content + more...
We'll also be hiring YouTubers as well as purchasing a lot of premium ads which is going to get us a lot of players and bring the activity of the server back. 

The server will get back on its feet when we're finally done!

  • Reworking how the new players start out.
  • Making mid-game easier (by nerfing bosses with way too much HP and defence.)
  • More entertainment for newer, mid and end-game players.
  • Wilderness content will be brought up (wilderness chest, wilderness bosses, etc...)
  • Raids
  • + More small additions.

New Developer:
We've understood that having one developer isn't good enough, therefore we've hired a developer which is an EradicationX veteran under the name "Oly" to help develop for us. Oly is an experienced RSPS Developer and will be doing work that's assigned and given to him at any time. This will boost up the speed of the updates by a lot.

Note: Habitat is still a developer, but he's a reserve for Era as he's doing his services for free. 

We're deeply sorry for the time we've spent on this update, and can assure you this is not the end. EradicationX will shine once again when we're done!

The server will remain online!

EradicationX Staff Team.

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