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We have now introduced a new "sub-rank" which is eligible for all players to obtain. This new rank/title is called onZn9UP.gifTrusted Gambler.
This isn't exacly a "rank", it'll have a forums rank but may only be a title in-game. This rank unlocks new benefits in-game though, such as an exclusive title which represents that you're a legitimate gambler and you will get exclusive access to host Flower Games with other Trusted Hosts or regular players. 

The rank doesn't really have any requirements, but of course won't be given out to just anybody. Only certain people who have proved their honesty for a longer period of time, without any past/current rule breaking may access these benefits.


Current List of Trusted Gamblers:



  • Endeavour
  • Castle
  • Logic/Papa
  • Xilent
  • Logan
  • Hades
  • Ben
  • Brax


:Sloth: May the force be with you, always :Sloth:

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