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Clans & Custom Donations

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We've now made it possible for each big clans to purchase unique perks/benefits for their clan members, to increase the popularity of being inside of a clan. These things are currently only the Cursed Magic Trees & Tormented Demons, but we'll make sure to update with new perks as we receive further ideas. 

To purchase trees or a demon, you need to have a Clan Zone, which you're able to apply for by talking to an Administrator. If your clan is big enough depending on which standards you have, you may or may not be granted with a Clan Zone. 


  • Cursed Magic Tree - 1T
  • Party Demon - 1T

You may only pay using the items listed below:


- 100M Tickets & Coins
- Trio Items
- Obsidian shards & Pieces
- Enchanting Potion
- Blazing Flamberge
- Tzhaar Whip 7
- Lightning Staff 4
- Frostbite Daggers
- Annihilation
- Decimation
- Ring of the Gods
- Treasonous Ring
- Tyrannical Ring
- Ring of Wealth
- Regular Colored Partyhats, H'weens & Santa Hats
- Donator ranks
- Dual Obliterations
- Nex Pieces & Sets
- Death Lotus, Pieces & Sets
- Seasinger, Pieces & Sets

- Vanguard, Trickster, Battle-Mage Pieces & sets.
- Malevolent, Energy, Pieces & Sets
- Scarlet Spirit Shield


Custom Donations:
We're now also allowing people to donate for customized items, that they cannot find on the Donation Store. If you're wanting to purchase something to make you stand out in-game, then this is how you're able to do it. 

Custom Donations can be items such as;

  • Buying current existing Cosmetic Rares
  • Recolored Armour
  • Recolored Weapons
  • Recolored Rares

To purchase armour that exists in-game with stats, you will need to trade in that item to replace with the custom one you're purchasing. E.g: Buying a recolored obsidian set will make you have to trade in an obsidian set to receive the recolored version.


  • Purchasing your own Customized Exclusive 1 in-game rare - ($500)
  • Purchasing a Customized Rare but others will have access to buy it as well - ($250)
  • Purchasing a currently existing non-exclusive item - ($150)

If you have any questions about this then contact a Staff Member. 
To purchase any of these items you will need to contact one of the Owners. 

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